• The Single Greatest Challenge
    I thought I'd take a step back and use this forum to return to square one and ask the question: What is the single largest challenge facing online video today? In past articles I've harped on the need for metrics, begged for standardization, and dared creative folks to conceive new and more engaging ways to utilize the real estate. However, I'm inclined to believe there is an even greater challenge: Who is responsible for the strategic planning and buying of online video?
  • Moving TV Ad Dollars Into Online Video
    Seventy-four billion dollar: that's what advertisers will spend this year to buy airtime on TV in the U.S. The limp upfronts have gotten a lot of press and naturally, advertisers are getting some pressure to explore online video opportunities in an effort to "integrate the silos." Here are some ideas of what advertisers need to know to allocate TV money toward online video.
  • Stop Pushing Me Back, I Want To Lean Forward
    With an overabundance of video content out there, advertisers and content producers alike seem to be constantly striving to simulate a TV viewing experience on the Web and within rich media. But users are on the Web to interact; simply telling them to relax and sit back does them a disservice and loses them as an audience.
  • When Will VOD Really Pop?
    Good question and one that has more unpopped kernels (read as dependencies) than simple timing or technology rollout woes might suggest. It certainly has not been for lack of effort on the part of the cable Multiple System Operators, who have feverishly deployed video-on-demand capability. So why is VOD taking so long to take hold? Maybe it's because VOD already has an identity crisis and the average Joe doesn't quite get it.
  • Big Players, Make Your Move
    I can't express my joy enough at the huge move DoubleClick made this week in the acquisition of Klipmart. I've ranted enough about the importance of metrics as the key seller of online video as a part of the media mix....
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