• Cablers Gain Broadband Subs; Live Video Viewing Rises for Pay-TV Operators
    Broadband is a thriving business for cable operators. Top cablers added more than 500,000 new broadband customers in the second quarter, an increase that is likely due in part to the continuing rise of video viewing via high-speed connections.
  • The Search For A Single Stack: Answer To Video's Fragmentation Problems?
    There are more digital advertising formats, channels and devices than ever before, providing numerous ways for brands to connect with consumers. This is exciting for both advertisers and publishers, but also daunting. With multiple technology options for every channel, each of these formats and executions must be considered independent of one another. Video itself is exploding, especially on mobile screens, resulting in a marketing ecosystem that is changing faster than the tools designed to transact the media.
  • Shorter Isn't Always Better In Mobile Video Ads
    Mobile video viewing habits are shapeshifting daily, and so is consumer behavior with ads on these platforms. Advertisers are testing a range of formats, from short Vine-esque ads to longer-format ones, to interactive spots, in a quest to learn which resonate most with viewers. There aren't many hard and fast conclusions, but a new study from Google offers insight into how mobile viewers might respond.
  • Being Social: Key To Facebook, YouTube and Lexus' Summer Video Success
    Two very different themes have been capturing consumers' attention this summer so far: the heartwarming and the action-packed. Polar opposites, the extremely comforting and the extremely risky have been helping brands like Facebook, YouTube and Lexus dominate the summer branded video charts. And it's not just these themes that are pushing brands to the top, but also brands' big push into social sharing and interaction.
  • OTT Churn Rises As Consumers Switch And Sample
    Lest pay-TV providers start thinking that their hotshot over-the-top rivals have it all, consider this latest tidbit: OTT services are dealing with churn, too. Big-time.
  • Are Legacy, Analog Media Ad Sellers 'Milking' The Business Model?
    I was surprised when I recently tripped over a Verizon SuperPages book on my Brooklyn stoop. Are there still advertisers that pay to be listed - even some that buy display ads - in these ever-shrinking, yet still mass-distributed, printed business phone directories? Is this a case of "milking" the business model by Verizon, whose core business as a leading mobile service provider and recent purchaser of AOL is clearly digital? Does anyone under 75 actually page through such a directory to find telephone numbers?
  • Morning, Noon or Night? Why Timing Matters for Branded Video
    Brands are constantly tasked not only with beating out competitors for market share, but also fighting for their audiences' attention as they move throughout their day. This is especially important for media planners as they're looking to catch consumers' attention through branded video campaigns. Consumers also now expect all of the content they come across to be personalized, contextual and relevant to them. Given this trend, brands must time the release and promotion of their campaigns to match what their consumers are doing or thinking at that particular time of day.
  • Why Programmatic TV Doesn't Equal Programmatic Video -- At Least Not Yet
    Programmatic TV, regarded as the next great disruptive force in digital advertising, is projected to reach $10 billion in 2019, according to Magna Global. The vision of programmatic is that all inventory -- including TV, desktop and mobile video -- will eventually be purchased from a single interface, allowing for more precise targeting, more efficient media buying and improved reporting. So what's holding back programmatic TV, while programmatic video is growing so quickly?
  • OTT Revenue On Pace To Double In Four Years
    Show of hands: If you wanted to watch a James Bond marathon, would you turn to a Netflix-esque over-the-top service, or a traditional network running a marathon of the movies? A few years ago, there was only one answer: the network. Now, there are more choices. While the question is a rhetorical one without hard and fast numbers, many media executives are betting that the Netflix-viewing option is poised to command a larger chunk of consumer behavior in the next few years.
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