• And The Oscar Goes To... Online Film Trailers!
    When the red carpet is rolled out in Hollywood this weekend, all eyes will be on the powerful films nominated for best picture. The media buzz around these films and the actors that anchor them are also driving a notable response online -- from views of online video trailers to tweets and Facebook interactions.
  • Mobile Videos Stall Out
    Mobile video is growing so fast it's slated to account for 69% of global mobile data traffic in the next four years, but many mobile videos simply don't work, which is bad news for advertisers. Marketers are investing ad dollars in mobile video, but according to a handful of fresh reports, mobile networks aren't handling the capacity as well as they could.
  • Subscription Vs. Free: The Future of Short-Form Vs. Long-Form Video
    Many people, myself included, have spent time thinking and writing about the differences between native digital content creators and TV/traditional content creators. In general, we frame our thinking against the backdrop of an incredibly fast-moving digital landscape: new distribution models, connected and smart TV, consumption habits in mobile, net neutrality issues, MSO vs. velecom vs. OTT vs. Xbox -- the list is endless. I would argue that there's another way to look at content creators through the lens of current marketplace trends -- one that doesn't rely on old constructs. If you look at what might be characterized as subscription …
  • In Wake Of Comcast/TWC Merger, What Does John Malone Do Now?
    When Comcast and Time Warner Cable recently announced their big merger, one of the first questions on my mind (and I'm sure on yours, as well) was "How does this impact John Malone, and what does he do now?" Malone, after all, was the main catalyst for this merger. Remember, Charter Communications was the first to try and buy TWC (Malone's Liberty Media acquired a 27% interest in Charter in May 2013), which no doubt ultimately spurred Comcast to make its move.
  • 'House Of Cards' And A Reminder Of Spoiler Etiquette
    Valentine's Day 2014 saw the premiere of season 2 of the seminal Netflix series "House of Cards." The first streaming-only "TV" show to win both major Emmy and Golden Globe awards holds special importance in introducing a level of prestige to the medium. It's an important milestone in the behavioral shift from traditional TV viewing to binge-watching streaming content.
  • Celebrities Continue To Add Star Power To Viral Ad Strategies
    The use of celebrities is a popular creative approach for brands looking for success in online video. With more than 600 campaigns employing famous faces last year -- and with those campaigns garnering more than 2.2 billion views -- this was among the most used tactics in 2013.
  • Connected TV Use Grows 19% Year-Over-Year
    Connected TV usage is on the rise, and about 63% of broadband homes now have at least one TV linked to the Internet, according to a just-released report from The Diffusion Group.
  • The Year Of Sports Video
    Once every four years, it arrives: the Year of Sports Video. A year when the Super Bowl, World Cup and the Olympics all fall in the first seven months of the year. These tentpole sports video events, while each considered iconic on its own, share the 2014 main stage and may in some cases share budgets, given both timing and resource alignment.
  • What Comes After Video Viewability?
    At some point early this year, the MRC and IAB will announce a standard for in-stream video viewability, defining an ad as "viewable" if it is 50% within view for more than two seconds. It may not be a perfect standard, but it's a good start. Now, every publisher, ad server and vendor has the blueprint to offer an in-stream video viewability measure. There are no more excuses. Yet viewability is still in its infancy, especially when it comes to in-stream video. Now that everyone can begin reporting on viewability, what comes next?
  • Mobile Video To Grow 14 Times By 2018
    Marketers, you do have a mobile video strategy, right? If not, consider this your notice. Cisco said in its latest Internet traffic report that mobile video traffic will grow 14 times by 2018, when it will comprise 69% of global mobile data traffic, up from about half last year.
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