• Disney+ Could Steal Nearly 9M Netflix Subscribers
    A survey found 37.5% of U.S. Netflix subscribers -- about 22.5 million people -- plan to try Disney+ at launch, implying that there is plenty of room for both services.
  • Disney+ And Netflix Reshape The Coming Streaming Wars
    While Netflix has established itself as the "everything service," Disney is preparing to enter the market as a place for higher-quality fare, including top-tier films and big-budget TV.
  • Advanced Ad Experiences Beginning To Expand Across OTT, Connected TV Platforms
    While platforms like Hulu are delivering advanced ad experiences, companies such as BrightLine are developing, building and deploying these experiences across OTT and connected TV platforms.
  • The Wild Resurgence Of Nature Programming
    With their mostly family-friendly content and epic scale, nature documentaries such as "Planet Earth" and "Frozen Planet" have become must-haves in the era of high-concept comedy and niche dramas.
  • Apple Event Leaves More Questions Than Answers On Streaming Video Play
    Apple TV+ will be available on Apple devices, and on third-party devices from smart TV makers like Samsung, and connected TV devices from Roku and Amazon. It will be a subscription product, and it will not have ads.