• If 2008 Was 'Youtube Election,' What Is This? Answer Might Surprise You
    In 1964, the first political attack ad -- the infamous "Daisy" spot against Barry Goldwater -- only ran on a handful of broadcast television stations, and only for one day, but the effects were felt throughout the entire campaign. Gone are the days when political advertising was that simple.Every Presidential election since has seen big leaps in marketing tactics with each cycle, whether it was the first, issue-oriented websites that launched in 1996, or Barack Obama's domination of earned media in 2008 that was helped along by a steady stream of content on YouTube, email blasts and text messages.
  • Connected Web Is About To Disrupt Video Licensing
    Video is being produced at higher volumes than ever before, with billions of videos created and uploaded to social sites each day, including 72 hours of new content uploaded every minute to YouTube alone. Despite the heightened demand for creative video content, traditional (or centralized) licensing sites only represent a fraction of market. However, the industry is starting to evolve to keep pace with the expanding content ecosystem. The future of stock footage and licensing entails breaking down the walls of current models and creating a more flexible, connected marketplace similar to eBay, Craigslist or Etsy.
  • Why Building The Video Version of Wikipedia Is Possible, But Difficult
    I occasionally describe my company as the Wikipedia of video, but for-profit. So I couldn't help but notice a recent study suggesting: "it may seem impossible for an encyclopedia of everything to ever near completion, but ... the English-language Wikipedia's pretty well filled out."
  • Seek Cross-Media Solutions For Bridging Our Multiscreen World
    Recently, there's been a steady stream of cross-media research highlighting the impact of adding online video to TV campaigns. New statistics show that the TV audience is bigger, watches longer and is more effectively persuaded by advertising when they watch video on both traditional TV and the Web. There's a lot said about the momentum of online video advertising, but little mentioned about the process.
  • Time for Auto Marketers to Step On the Digital Video Gas Pedal
    As J.D. Power and Associates holds its 2012 Automotive Marketing Roundtable this week, I thought it would be timely to share insights into consumer behavior patterns that are causing marketers to shift more of their advertising dollars to digital video.
  • Beyond The Pre-Roll
    Among the long list of problems threatening the planet -- civil war in Syria, economic collapse in Greece, the potential demise of the European Union, earthquakes in Japan -- it's the world's population of Internet users who clearly face the biggest hardships of all, having to suffer through paper towel and laundry detergent commercials before getting to watch the latest "kitten in a cardboard box" video. Oh, the horror!
  • Hail To The Tube
    Today we're used to seeing American presidents on television. We're not surprised if one shows up on "Saturday Night Live" right before an election (will President Obama be on before Nov. 6?), if one has a musical talent that he exhibits on a late-night talk show, or if one sits down for an interview with Barbara Walters. But it wasn't always so commonplace to have the commander in chief make a television appearance that wasn't expressly addressing matters of state. Let's take a behind-the-scenes look at some of the Archive of American Television interviewees' involvement with presidents on TV:
  • Ten Ways YouTube Went From Pariah To Belle Of The Ball
    Reading about Maker Studios and Ray William Johnson's breakup, one couldn't help but be impressed with how YouTube has gone from industry pariah to the only game that matters in online video. Two years ago, marketers gave YouTube the cold shoulder, and investors didn't take any video content company seriously if its main distribution strategy involved YouTube.
  • So What Is Content Marketing?
    My feeling is that content marketing is what social was four years, what video was eight years ago when YouTube came in, or display advertising 12 years ago. It's now content marketing's time to own the conversation, and it affects us in the video world as well.
  • Video Quality Vs. Quantity: A Marketer's Dilemma
    Here's the dilemma: How can marketers reconcile the need for high-quality brand videos with the ever-increasing need for a large quantity of videos required to meet their communication needs?
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