• Let's Not Confuse HBO Max With Quibi
    With the streaming service's launch just a day away, a survey indicates that relatively few consumers know that HBO Max will offer high-profile content like "Friends" and the DC Extended Universe movies, But lest we forget, HBO Max has some massive launch advantages.
  • Last Excuse Gone: Ad-ID Intros A Workaround For VAST 2.0 Users
    Ad-ID, the unified standard for advertising metadata considered key to the growth and evolution of premium video, hasn't been usable by those who still haven't upgraded to the 4.0 versions of VAST. But now there's a "stopgap" for those tech lingerers.
  • Transactional VOD Use Up Significantly In Q1
    Limited-time rentals promise to be a lucrative channel for studios and streaming partners, especially if they can establish a business model that draws more at-home renters without cutting them off from theatrical ticket sales.
  • Missed Ad Opportunities Jumped To 46% In Q1, Even As Streaming, VOD Soared
    As shelter-at-home orders rolled out in mid-March, advertiser pullback resulted in a 27% increase in ads not filled or not played during streaming -- which leaped 57% YoY, driven by a 79% increase in VOD.
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