• Streamers Are Satisfied
    If you haven't tried multichannel pay TV, you might never miss it. So-called cord-nevers, especially those between the age of 20 to 35 who have never had a legacy pay-TV service, are usually quite content with streaming services. In fact, many of these "millennial cord-nevers" say they get everything they need when it comes to video entertainment from Netflix, Hulu and their SVOD brethren, according to a new report from The Diffusion Group (TDG).
  • Humor, Dancing, Celebrities Dominate Back-to-School Ads
    Back-to-school video ads this summer collectively generated more than 133 million online views, and when broken down by creative appeal, humorous appeals generated the most views (more than 52 million).
  • Use Of Mid-Roll Ads Rises
    Quick. Name one of the fastest-growing video ad units this year. You guessed mid-roll, right? Or maybe not. But this video workhorse ad unit is indeed growing at a quick clip this year. Mid-roll ads rose 24% in use year over year, jumping from 19% of ads in February 2015 to 33% in April, according to a report from Ooyala analyzing video ads across nearly 50 global premium publishers and broadcasters.
  • OTT Subs Rise, TV Everywhere Awareness Creeps Up
    The number of over-the-top subscriptions has ramped up by 12% over the last two years. That's the finding of a new research study from Parks Associates reporting that consumer adoption of services like Netflix and Hulu has increased since the third quarter of 2014, even though password sharing is also up.
  • Mobile Video Ads Boost Brand Awareness
    Advertising on mobile phone screens is growing by leaps and bounds, and marketers are eager for insight into what drives consumers in this burgeoning ad medium. While it is still early days, video ad software provider Videology released a handful of case studies from recent mobile campaigns, revealing some data on what has worked.
  • Users With Both OTT & Cable Are Happiest With Streaming
    Consumers like their streaming video services more than their cable services, according to a new study. But how long will the honeymoon last? Maybe only until they give up their cable.
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