• Syndication, Distribution Or Both
    In a previous VideoInsider, I wrote that there is no money in online video unless you have the scale marketers need. In that article, one of the vehicles I encouraged publishers to participate in is video syndication.
  • Three Qualities Advertisers Look For in Brand Video Ad Placements
    While much has been written about the evolution of branded video content and "viral video" ads, less attention has been given to the integrated video ad experiences that are helping blur the line between content and advertising. Advertisers are now regularly looking for well-integrated video ad experiences that will help their branded video content fit more naturally within the content experience of a site to drive higher levels of engagement and sharing.
  • More On Tackling Video Click-to-Play vs. Auto-Play Pre-Roll Advertising
    Two weeks ago I discussed the first five realities of video click-to-play vs. auto-play pre-roll advertising. Here come the next five:
  • Five People Who Have To Watch Your Viral Marketing Videos
    Reaching the target consumer directly 100% of the time would be awesome, but they are not always in one place online just waiting for your video. Also, while they may all share a love of certain brands, products and services, they may respond to different stimuli designed to encourage them to watch your video, share, interact and follow a course of action that will lead to a sale. So, including the buying consumer, here are the five people you have to reach and engage to get the most out of your online video campaign.
  • Getting The Most From Your Social Video
    Having run hundreds of social video campaigns for major brands over the past five years, I'm frequently asked to predict how audiences will respond to a certain video. There is, of course, no way to know for sure. Every project is different, and we're regularly surprised by audience reactions. This doesn't mean that producing social video is a crap shoot. Like any other form of advertising, the medium is more art than science, but there are a number of steps advertisers can take to raise their chances of success -- without compromising the video's effectiveness as a selling tool.
  • Online Video Marketing: Why View Counts Don't Matter
    Some online video and social media marketing campaigns are launched to build awareness of a product or service. Other video and social media campaigns have shorter-term goals, as is the case with limited time promotions and brand new products. What both approaches have in common is that they are designed to get people talking and increase sales. We can talk all day about soft measurements and hard measurements and click-through rates, comments, discussion, awareness and views, but the question that will ultimately determine each campaign's success or failure is, "How much stuff did we sell?"
  • Three Ways Brands Can Act More Like Partners On YouTube
    Videos made by YouTube Partners have been completely trouncing those made by brands and posted on YouTube. That's right -- I said trouncing. Last year, TubeMogul reported that 43% of YouTube's top 100 videos were from YouTube Partners. Only 4% were uploaded ads.
  • Top Video Ad Networks Benefit A Shifting Media Landscape
    We've seen some consolidation in the video ad industry over the last few months. Along with the slow rise of trading desks and exchanges, it's clear that video ad networks have a large role to play in the shifting online media landscape, and will indefinitely. We at SpotXchange recently attended OMMA Video in San Francisco, where the panelists talking about the topic of consolidation believed the acquisitions and mergers we'll see in the near future will have the goal of better positioning companies for these changes.
  • Five Reasons to Launch Holiday-Related Video and Viral Marketing Campaigns
    Each year, we're seeing more and more video campaigns launching for viral and social media distribution on Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere by larger brands and businesses intent on tapping into the power of video as a marketing tool. Likewise, we're seeing an increase in video marketing content centered around holidays.
  • Tackling Video Click-to-Play Vs. Auto-Play Pre-Roll Advertising
    Reality #1: For a visual medium, video is anything but transparent. Everywhere you look, video consumption is growing. But ask any media buyer and he or she will tell you that quality video inventory is in short supply. However, when a marketer buys video inventory, sellers miraculously find ways to place and deliver the campaign.
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