• Netflix Still Earns High Marks
    One reason Netflix continues to grow and thrive, aside from spending a significant amount on programming, is that it does not have the same constraints as ad-supported networks. It does not need to worry about average minute ratings, audience flow or demographics.
  • It's Time To Think About, Well, Time
    The media-buying industry has historically been described as one that "buys time and space." Ironically, neither is the norm. And that's not likely to change any time soon, if your believe what readers like you tell us about the future of audience metrics. Take a moment and dwell on that.
  • YouTube Expands Into More Markets -- Will Price Competition Follow?
    In late July YouTube, already the 800-lb. gorilla in video, raised its ambitions even more by offering its YouTube TV streaming service in another 10 U.S. markets. That makes a total of 15 YouTube TV markets. But with so much competition, will YouTube be the leader in attracting new and younger subscribers?
  • Streams Of Live Events Lure Viewers
    If live streams like the recent Comey hearing -- which drew 2.7 million unique viewers globally, according to Bloomberg -- are any indication, real-time events in conjunction with the social aspect of Twitter have a potent appeal. Beyond live streams, the digital video sandbox is getting crowded as Facebook, Snap, and Google have designs on the living room. Will Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix move out of the way? Doubtful.
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