• After Addressing Initial Video Viewability, These are the Metrics That Matter
    As video commands a larger portion of advertising budgets, it's not surprising that video viewability is a chief concern. But once this issue is satisfactorily addressed, marketers need to know what other metrics matter. It's great if all of an advertiser's videos meet the IAB viewability standard, but does that matter more than completion rates or other engagement metrics? If ads are always seen, but the message never connects, did the campaign accomplish any of its goals? These are major questions, and once marketers are comfortable with viewability, the following metrics will take on even greater importance.
  • Mobile Users Increase Movies And TV Viewing
    Ever look around at the gym to see what people are watching? How about the subway? Or maybe just the teens gathered together at the mall? Everyone's watching their phones. It's become so incredibly normal to watch video on the phone that long-form content is flourishing on the small screen. About 30% of smartphone owners in the US and Canada are watching TV shows, while 20% are watching movies on their phones, according to a just-released study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau on mobile viewing, surveying consumers in 24 countries. This trend is manifesting around the globe. In Latin America …
  • Using Mobile Video Effectively To Increase ROI
    As more brands and agencies embrace multiscreen and develop integrated campaigns, the question of ROI-and how to make the most promising assets in the mix sing-looms large. At a high level, given its capacity for visual engagement and its place in the connected consumer's day-in-the-life, there's no richer asset than mobile video. If you crack the code on that platform, in the new multiscreen context, you're ahead of the curve. So, with our eyes on maximum return, how do we make sure we've got the formula? It comes down to very specific methods.
  • Worldwide Over-The-Top Revenue Balloons
    Global over-the-top revenue is on a fast track for massive growth in the next five years. TV and video revenue from OTT services around the world will hit $51.1 billion in 2020, double its expected $26 billion haul this year. That's also a huge rise from the $4.2 billion global that OTT services earned in 2010, according to research firm Digital TV Research.
  • Marketers Move TV Money To Programmatic Video
    Many marketers are moving money from TV to programmatic video, according to a recently released study from ad tech firm Unruly.
  • Are Video Ads The Next Digital Bubble?
    It's my opinion that the growing popularity of video as a form of digital advertising is a bubble that is bound to burst. I am referring specifically to video ads that appear on content sites, as opposed to pre-rolls and similar ads that appear as part of content videos.
  • Unbundling Needn't Be End of Profitable Revenue For MVPDs
    One of the great emotional tug-of-war battles going on in television and video today is around the issue of unbundled vs. bundled content. I believe it is about to hit the pocketbooks of traditional television providers. Holding one end of the "rope" are MVPDs (multichannel video programming distributors like cable, satellite and telco companies) who package thousands of programming options in bundled offerings at significant cost to subscribers.The other end of the "rope" is held by the media consumer - and as is the case in a real tug-of-war, the youngest demographic groups are anchoring the effort to have more …
  • Connected TVs Now In More Than Half Of U.S Homes
    Connected TVs are having their day in the sun. Or, more likely, their years in the sun. The newest evidence that smart TVs are here to stay comes from Leichtman Research Group, which found that 56% of American homes have a TV that connects to the Internet, more than double the 24% of homes that connected their TVs to the Web five years ago. That’s also a big jump from the 44% of homes that plugged in their TVs to broadband a mere two years ago.This rapid growth trajectory underscores both the consumer interest in over-the-top viewing options, …
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