• Trad Media Firms' Foray Into Digital Video: Those Who Want To, Can't -- And Those Who Can, Won't
    Back in May 2007, CBS acquired comedy video site Wallstrip. Soon afterward, the network shut it down. When doing so, CBS brass said they would take the Wallstrip spirit and apply it to other Web efforts. Then the recession hit and online advertising hit a speed bump. CBS shelved most of its Web video aspirations, as did other companies.
  • Hulu And The Cowboy Philosopher
    As Will Rogers put it, "If I don't see things your way, well, why should I?" The Los Angeles Times reports that Hulu.com's Internet video streaming of popular TV shows will soon offer a premium version featuring more episodes and additional shows in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. But company strategists may discover that a number of constituents will fail to see things their way.
  • Buying Audiences
    Thanks to a convergence of technology and consumer habits, both fueled by the advancements of the 21st century, there is a growing trend among digital advertisers to purchase their key audience rather than buying specific destination media -- and this is a positive development for marketers.
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