What Happens in Vegas ... ends up on the Internet

  • by , April 16, 2007

I'm back! After an overwhelmingly busy few weeks, I'm back into the position where I have sporadic sets of minutes to share with you on the blogosphere.

This week, I'm at the NAB convention in Las Vegas. This is my first time at NAB, and it's quite an amazing experience. I'm here as a student representative for Avid technology, the company that makes a majority of the software and hardware solutions we use in our newsroom at Ball State.

I'm working with a group of 26 other students from across the country to test different workflows with HD source content, placing it on the web and on plasma monitors throughout the convention center.

Want to keep up with what we're doing? Check it out at

You'll be able to get an insider's view on the show floor, as we talk to some of the biggest producers of media in the industry.

In short ... what happens in Vegas this week ... will end up on the blogosphere. And it's all for you to view.



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  1. Josh, April 16, 2007 at 4:55 p.m.

    And how does Avid feel about Apple's one format timeline in FCP and their repurposing of the Final Touch color correction app they bought out a while back as "Color"? The white paper touting HD ProRes 422 as having better Signal to Noise than Avid's codec with a better compression is also a bit of a glove thrown down.

    Are people in Avid's booth sweating a bit?

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