SignStorey Takes Captive, First Significant Retail Media Roll-Up

  • April 26, 2007
SignStorey Inc., one of the major operators of digital, in-store media networks, has acquired Captive Audience LLC, an operator of digital media services in the deli department of ShopRite and Big Y stores in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey region. The deal adds two more retailers and 250 stores to SignStorey's network, bringing its coverage to 1,400 stores nationwide.

Industry analyst Stephen Diorio, a partner with Profitable Channels, described the deal as the "first significant network roll-up" in the rapidly growing marketplace for grocery-based digital video networks.

The deal comes as major marketers and agencies are looking at retail media as the last digital frontier, or what some packaged goods marketers have described as the "moment of truth" for their brands.



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