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Palm Will Market Smartphone Companion

Palm yesterday unveiled a laptop-like device called the Foleo designed to let users manage and edit their e-mails and other documents by communicating with their smartphones through a wireless Bluetooth connection. The gadget--which comes with a full-size keyboard and 10-inch display--will be available in the summer at a suggested price of $599.

Palm's founder, Jeff Hawkins, has long envisioned that smartphones would become the most prevalent personal computer, eventually being able to do everything a desktop model can do. On Wednesday, he said the Foleo "completes the picture" of a mobile-computing system.

But initial reviews indicate that the Foleo will not be the device that allows Palm to restore its reputation as an innovator. Analysts questioned why consumers would want to carry yet another device when they are already bombarded with notebooks that are getting smaller and cell phones--including the Palm Treo--that are getting smarter.



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