Better Living through Digital Chemistry

I rely heavily on too many things. Mainly, the Internet.

I just arrived Saturday night here in New York City, where I'll be interning for a division at Time Warner, Inc. I am staying at an apartment of one of my friends, who is also interning, but on the other coast. It just worked out conveniently like that.

Anyways, the entire trip, I'm texting and e-mailing from my blackberry, to know what's going on in the city before I get there. I check flight status on the airline's website from the palm of my hand. It was delayed, so I took some extra time at dinner with my parents (It's good to know things like this in advance, so you can manage your time so much more wisely).

Then I arrive, and I search for a place that delivers near my apartment, since the refrigerator is empty, and I'm too tired to go out. So I have a pizza delivered (that I ordered online).

I then determine where I will go for groceries by which store is closest to me (I don't really want to carry my groceries too far).

I use CraigsList to try to find a part-time job.

I correspond with my managers at my internship entirely through e-mail and IM. And my calendar is online as well, so I can access it from anywhere.

If the internet goes down anytime soon, I'm SO screwed.



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