Microsoft Surface - Touch me baby!

Check it out if you haven’t:
Also check out the Multi-Input Touch Screen video that came out about a year ago:

Very similar. Both very cool. Ever since I saw the youtube video I wondered when either Apple or Microsoft would man up and make it happen. (I wish Apple had done it first, however…) I can’t wait to be able to interact with this new technology. But I do wonder, when it will be available to the common folk: us.

If you read in the fine print in the ‘Fact Sheet’ about Microsoft Surface, and all it says about availability is: “Beginning at the end of this year (2007), consumers will be able to interact with Surface in hotels, restaurants, retail and public entertainment venues.” Surface must be a pretty costly hardware and software if only big companies will be purchasing it and using it.



So bears the question, when will the common folk get this new ‘Surface’ to have in their homes? Can it be installed on laptops with the ‘tablet’ feature? When will this ‘Surface’ be not just in coffee table format but horizontal on a wall? But I will stop letting my imagination run wild, and just say I would also like technology creators to hurry along and make everything like Minority Report. :)

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