UPC: Universal Power Compliant

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As many of the comments have hinted on Gizmodo, this might be a sign that we, as a culture, are getting horribly lazy.

It could also mean that we're sick of carrying around six #$%@ adapters on trips lasting more than two days.

Will we ever see a day when a USB-like standard exists for powering gadgets, a universal power connector, as some have called it? The important consideration is to have a universal power port, not an adapter that fits to multiple devices.

I'd pay extra to have all my devices compatible with such a standard.

In support of this post, I just now Googled "standardized power." Oddly enough, ZDNet's George Ou recently wrote about this same issue. Be sure to take a gander at some of the comments that follow.

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  1. Peter Howson, June 25, 2007 at 9:04 a.m.

    Is it really lazy to expect that engineers would seek out a universal solution for a universal problem. I'd say it's more like expecting to be treated like valued customers rather than an ATM machine.

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