Live from ... Earth

BOSTON - I'm about 30 minutes away from heading to New York City for Saturday's Live Earth concert. When I realized I'd be on the coast for the summer, I quickly snatched tickets up from TicketMonsterMaster on the upper level for about $100/pop after fees, taxes, etc.

Because Amtrak is more expensive than flying, and flying is not any better for the environment, my fellow concert-goer and I are carpooling down to New Haven, CT to catch a train into Grand Central Station in NYC. We'll be staying in the city with friends through the trip. I'll also be Twittering the entire event.

Much skepticism surrounds this event, but I'm proud to be part of it. In fact, had I found the volunteer Web site sooner I would have signed up for that as opposed to paying the money to see the concert in its entirety. I am, after all, the guy that always keeps a box under his desk to collect and recycle random scrap paper.

Hey - every bit counts, right?

For the Live Earth nay-sayers, I refer you to a very sincere post from musician John Mayer. (I'd go for the autograph, but that would require me to use the car ...)

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