IPhone's Launch Triggers 638 Emails

Somewhere across the vast wasteland of cyberspace a tiny voice rang out calling my name... Bill, Bill.

Actually, I got a Google alert that my name had been used in the blogosphere -- and there over at the eROI guy's blog site, there was a call for me to report on iPhone emails over the last few weeks.

So I took a look.

We should probably start with Apple's own marketing efforts before we head down the evolutionary chain. Pre-launch, you could sign up at Apple's Web site for updates on the iPhone. When you signed on you, got a beautifully designed email with a sleek picture of the iPhone and the text: "Talk to you soon. Thanks for signing up. You'll be the first to hear the latest about iPhone -- coming this June. That gives you just enough time to think of ways to break the news to your current phone."

With the launch coming on June 29th, an email was sent on the 12th getting folks geared up, and another on the 22nd offering a guided tour. Then on the 29th came an email with the subject line: "IPhone. It's here."



Ah, but others have been busy jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. Since the launch on the 29th, we've received (drum roll, please) 638 emails with the word. As you can imagine, quite a few are the "Get a free IPhone" emails complete with ripped-off Apple creative in the body. Others are tech newsletters and financial e-letters talking about the launch and adoption, the technical glitches, etc.

Some of my favorite subject lines include:

This one from Dr. Dobbs Java Update: "iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone baked beans iPhone iPhone iPhone and iPhone"

Here's one from USA Survey Group: "Want the New Apple® iPhone® - Get yours Today"

I wonder why they bothered with the "®" symbol anyway, after ripping off Apples' creative in the body.

Here's a tip from the Rising Star Stocks newsletter: "How Rising Star Stocks and the iPhone Can Boost Your Portfolio"

And then a whole series of :

"Get Your Fun iPhone Toy Quickly"
"Be the first to get an Apple iPhone On Us at N0 C0st"
"You could be one of the first to get the Apple iPhone- we'll pay"
"Want the new Apple iPhone? Participate Now!"
"Apple iPhone just released'"

And on and on and on. The iPhone has definitely replaced the iPod as the device of choice for spammers. Get yours today.

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