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Bill Mccloskey

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  • To Everything There Is A Season in Email Insider on 03/12/2008

    I'm sitting here looking at the email stats for the flower and gift sector during the month of February. The first thing that captured my attention was the spike in Web traffic. Of course you expect a spike at Valentine's Day, but what is interesting is that the spike in Web traffic is not on the 13th, friends. Or the days leading up to the 14th. No -- the majority of you are actually going to sites like Proflowers the day of Valentine's Day (one guesses -- the MALE majority of you) in a desperate attempt to get those flowers ordered and delivered before the ax falls.

  • Best Practices For Unsubscribing  in Email Insider on 03/05/2008

    John Engler of Unsubcentral had some great comments based on my article last week and the problems I was having unsubscribing from a newsletter. I'm providing them verbatim with his permission....

  • Marketing Sherpa -- And the Un-Unsubscribe  in Email Insider on 02/27/2008

    I've been to so many conferences and trade shows over the last few weeks that I can hardly tell what time zone I'm in anymore. This week I'm at the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit in Miami. Each show I've attended has its own strengths and weaknesses, and Marketing Sherpa is certainly no different. On the positive side, Marketing Sherpa has positioned itself as the "nuts and bolts" conference, and the sessions bear that out with all-day "basecamp" training sessions...

  • Get Your Pizza in Email Insider on 02/20/2008

    We've been working on a study of the pizza industry and how it is using the Web and email to take the neighborhood pizza parlor into the world of cyberspace. We are seeing some interesting findings. The first thing that stands out is that the companies that are hawking pizza are very savvy Internet marketers.

  • The DMA Gets It Right in Email Insider on 02/13/2008

    I'm in San Diego attending the first Email Experience Council's Email Evolution conference. This conference represents the DMA's ongoing efforts to be a thought leader in the interactive space, and certainly a step in the right direction to make up for some past missteps in its approach to interactive. Certainly email, with its direct marketing emphasis, is a channel or (as Dr. Ramesh Lakshimi-Ratan put it in the morning's keynote) a platform that the DMA should own as a trade organization.

  • E-Mail And The Super Bowl: A Sorry Tale in Email Insider on 02/06/2008

    It's interesting to see just how little email seems to have played a role in one of the biggest marketing events of the year. Companies spending millions on one minute Super Bowl spots apparently spent little, if any, time thinking about how email might fit into the overall mix.

  • Is Email Recession-Proof? in Email Insider on 01/30/2008

    One of the advantages of going before heavy hitters like David Baker and Loren McDonald in the Email Insider lineup is that I get first crack at hot topics. Like this week's for instance: email and the recession.My theory is pretty straightforward. While a recession is certainly not good for anybody, it may have a beneficial effect on email marketing. Or at the very least, email should be less affected by a recession than other marketing channels.

  • And The Winners Are....  in Email Insider on 01/16/2008

    With the writers strike sucking the life out of the Golden Globe awards, I thought it might be a good idea to give you award-starved readers something to tide you over. I currently track the email campaigns of over 35,000 brands, publishers, and affiliate sites. Here are some of the best email marketers of 2007....

  • More On Holiday Emails  in Email Insider on 01/09/2008

    OK, maybe folks just weren't in the holiday spirit this year. After all, it has been a rough one for a lot of people. But it was surprising just how tame the holiday emails were this year. The alcoholic beverage sector, which usually fills the inbox with clever holiday greetings and recipes in December, was surprisingly quiet.

  • Tracking Holiday Cheer From The Politicians  in Email Insider on 01/04/2008

    The holiday season, in the business world, is often the time you send cards and gifts to your customers and thank them for hanging in there with you. I was interested in seeing what kind of holiday cheer was sent out be email this year on the political front.

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  • What Type Of Social Media Ads Are The Most Effective? by Gavin O'Malley (Online Media Daily on 03/29/2010)

    I'm always a bit skeptical when I read about studies "sponsored" by a particular brand or website. What strikes me about this particular study is it's implication that because an ad is seen on a "social media" site, it is therefore a social media ad. Social media marketing has much to do with two way interaction and less to do with traditional banner placement. At Email Data Source we track the effectiveness of Twitter marketing across thousands of brands. There is an art to science of social media marketing, but it has very little to do with what banner is placed on what web site. the key element is the motivation of influencers to expose your message to fans and followers.

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