Life Events

Will we see a stronger push to see MySpace and Facebook profiles archived for eternal reading and searching after death?

It makes sense. Facebook is an unofficial living yearbook, though many pages and profiles of the deceased are taken down shortly after funerals. This doesn't make sense. When someone dies from your high school twenty years after graduation, you don't rush to your yearbook, pull out their page and rip it up simply because that individual died. Why do we do that on the Internet? Surely it's not an issue of storage space.

I'm wondering if the day will come when Facebook's news feed begins replacing our obituary pages:

John Doe has died from natural causes.

What about the gift of new life?

John Doe and Jane Doe are now parents.

Jim Doe was born.

Perhaps ...

Jack Doe and Joe Grow have entered into a civil union.

Nick Doe has been arrested on suspicion of fraud, robbery and false identity. His court date is August 31. [Click to share this event!]

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