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Ludlum Brand Selling Well After Author's Death

Robert Ludlum the brand has extended after his death in 2001. Since then, 12 books with his name have been released, with a 13th due out in September.

Ludlum's estate has borrowed from the examples of V.C. Andrews, dead since 1986 but selling well, thanks to novels in her name written by an uncredited author; Ernest Hemingway, whose estates issued several books after his suicide; and Tom Clancy and Clive Cussler (both quite alive) who diverted from their skin of solo thrillers to create series written in conjunction with, or solely by, others.

The Ludlum post-mortem publishing game plan is reminiscent of licensing and other deals for dead stars like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Babe Ruth, and the film industry os comfort with familiar franchises.



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