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Bacardi Pouring $250 Million Into Dewar's Brand

Bacardi Limited will announce today that it plans to spend more than $250 million on capital infrastructure for the Dewar's brand over 10 years. The move comes as demand for scotch and future growth opportunities have shifted to the premium or super-premium segment, with products such as Dewar's 12 and Dewar's Signature.

Plans call for more than doubling the size of the company's facilities in Glasgow, Scotland. Bacardi will build additional warehouses for aging the scotch, a new blending center, additional bottling lines and packing equipment. The company is also finalizing a deal for another 100-acres of land in central Scotland, which will be used to build another maturation and blending facility.

When Bacardi acquired Dewar's in 1998, the brand was Dewar's White Label. Since then, Bacardi has expanded the portfolio to include Dewar's 12, Dewar's 15, Dewar's 18, Dewar's Signature and Aberfeldy single malt. The premium end of the business has seen double-digit growth.



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