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Aisles Meet Online

Don't forget offline when you're doing search campaigns. That's the gist of two studies that conclude a combination of offline with online usually works best.

One of the studies, done by Yahoo, shows that shoppers who see search and display ads before going to the store are more likely to shop 'til they drop once they get there. These so-called pre-shoppers spend about 41% more in the store compared with consumers who didn't see the online ads beforehand. The second study, by local search agency TMP Directional Marketing, found a surprisingly strong interplay between online and offline ads too, but we won't repeat all the stats here.

Believe it or not, at least one-third of those surveyed by TMP still prefer the standard yellow pages as their primary reference. This finding points to an opportunity for local search marketers to find out why and try to convert more potential consumer to online listings.



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