• Google Search Console Gets Two New Test Tools
    Google is rolling out two tools that will let marketers check the code and the structured data markup. The AMP and URL testing tools in Search Console will let marketers search within the markup, and copy specific sections of code to make changes and fix errors faster. When testing a URL and finding a structured data error, marketers can now pinpoint the exact piece of code containing the error to make the fix.
  • Hey Google, Tell Me Something Good
    Google wants to give those using Assistant a "daily dose of good news," so it is giving the virtual assistant an upgrade, while spreading a bit of cheer. Just ask the Google Assistant “Hey Google, tell me something good" to hear stories about people working to improve our world. The stories are told by journalists from the Solutions Journalism Network. ...
  • Apple Files For Search Ad Trademarks
    Apple's latest trademark filings for Apple Search Ads includes one for a figurative trademark and the other for Close your Rings. Both were filed in Hong Kong under International Class 35, which covers a variety of topics related to advertising, marketing, and promotional services. Patently Apple explains.
  • Inaccurate Server Configuration Caused Google Cloud Service Outage On Sunday
    The disruption in service on Sunday was caused by an “incorrectly applied” server configuration, according to the Inside Google Cloud blog. The configuration should have been applied to a small number of servers in a specific region, but was applied to a larger number across several regions. The mistake limited network capacity. Google says it identified the issue within seconds, but it took much longer to fix the problem. The impact was slight. YouTube measured a 2.5% drop of views for one hour, while Google Cloud Storage measured a 30% reduction in traffic. Approximately 1% of active Gmail users had problems with ...
  • Apple, Google, Microsoft Condemn UK Proposal To Eavesdrop On Encrypted Messages
    The Government Communications Headquarters in the UK wants a way to give law enforcement access to end-to-end encrypted digital information from individuals without compromising privacy, but a group of 47 companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft and WhatsApp have signed a petition to abandon its plans for a so-called “ghost protocol.” In the open letter published on Lawfare, the companies say the plan would undermine security, threaten trust in encrypted messaging services, and compromise citizens’ right to privacy and free expression.
  • Google Shutters Two Bidding Strategies
    Google plans to retire the Target Search Page Location and Target Outranking Share automated bidding strategies in late June, and users are being prompted to use Target Impression Share, which the company introduced in November. Campaigns using Target Search Page Location and Target Outranking Share at the end of the year will automatically be migrated to the Target Impression Share strategy based on previous target locations and historical impression share. 
  • Former Google, Amazon Executive Appointed Walmart CTO
    Suresh Kumar, a former Google, Microsoft, and Amazon employee, stepped into the role of chief technology officer at Walmart. At Google, Kumar worked as vice president and general manager of display, video, app ads and analytics. He will oversee technology globally at Walmart, including the retailer’s warehouse club chain Sam’s Club.
  • Google Tests Search Button, Colorful Icon On Desktop
    Google continually tweaks its search results on desktop and on the mobile web. Last week I found topic recommendations based on previous searches just below the search bar on desktop. In the latest test identified by 9to5Google, there has been a minor redesign of the search field found on the main home page and at the top of the result page. The left-hand side of the bar gained a magnifying glass icon in Google’s four colors of red, green, blue, and yellow. Abner Li explains.
  • Google AI Researcher Jumps To Apple
    Last month Ian Goodfellow joined Apple's Special Projects Group as a director of machine learning. He is considered the father of an AI approach known as generative adversarial networks, or GANs. CNBC reports that Goodfellow updated his profile on LinkedIn to acknowledge his role as director.
  • Google Platform Shutdowns Damage The Brand
    Suggesting that Google product support has become a joke, Arstechnica writes that in the first 91 days of 2019, Google, on average, has officially shuttered one Google-branded product, feature, or service about every nine days. Some products have transition plans, and some don't. What's important is that every actions has a negative consequence for Google's brand, and the near-constant stream of shutdown announcements makes Google seem increasingly unstable and more untrustworthy than in the past, according to the post. 
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