• Google AI Researcher Jumps To Apple
    Last month Ian Goodfellow joined Apple's Special Projects Group as a director of machine learning. He is considered the father of an AI approach known as generative adversarial networks, or GANs. CNBC reports that Goodfellow updated his profile on LinkedIn to acknowledge his role as director.
  • Google Platform Shutdowns Damage The Brand
    Suggesting that Google product support has become a joke, Arstechnica writes that in the first 91 days of 2019, Google, on average, has officially shuttered one Google-branded product, feature, or service about every nine days. Some products have transition plans, and some don't. What's important is that every actions has a negative consequence for Google's brand, and the near-constant stream of shutdown announcements makes Google seem increasingly unstable and more untrustworthy than in the past, according to the post. 
  • Bing Ads Customer Audiences Rolls Out To Most Markets
    Bing Ads rolled out Custom Audiences to most marketers, the company said Thursday. It is available in all areas except the EU, Norway and Switzerland. The tool allows marketers to remarket to their existing customers and create custom messages for each segment, from lifetime to loyal customers. There are restrictions, such as only using first-party data. 
  • WhatsApp Image Search Feature
    WABetaInfo discovered a "search by image" function in WhatsApp that lets users upload a received image directly to Google to reveal "similar or equal" images on the web. It's suppose to help users more accurately determine whether a picture is real or fake. The new feature isn't available, yet.
  • Google Adds DuckDuckGo As A Search Option In Chrome Browser
    Google Chrome, the search engine's browser, has updated the lists of default search engines it offers per market. Some of the additions, which appear in more than 60 markets globally, include rivals focused on privacy. The changes were made in Chrome 73, which Google released Tuesday.
  • Google Adds Ad Query Builder Tool
    Google has introduced a query building tool to make it easier to report on Google Ads accounts. It works with Google Ads query language. The syntax allows marketers to select from all the resources available for reporting, and filter the result set on the server before they are returned to your application, according to Google.
  • Google Denies Market Dominance In Australia
    Google reportedly told the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in a letter published Monday that it denies market dominance in the country when it comes to online searches and advertising. EuroNews reports Google has 84% market share of web searches in Australia. The ACCC is looking for more information on how the company ranks searches and serves ads. The topic of self-favoritism also has become a factor. 
  • Google To Enter Game Streaming, Hardware Market
    The media outlet 9to5Google reports it confirmed that  Google plans to announce gaming hardware next month at its Game Developers Conference in San Francisco scheduled for March 19. The news will include a game streaming service powered by the Project Stream technology, and hardware to go with it. Gaming gives advertisers other channel in which to tie in search campaigns. 
  • Google Adds Video To Responsive Display Ads
    Google now allows marketers to add YouTube video assets to Google responsive display ad (RDA) campaigns. The news announced Thursday included two reporting updates for responsive display ads. Google said it built the ads to help marketers adapt to a diverse mix of content types and screen sizes. This expands the reach into new inventory and improve performance with sight, sound and motion.
  • Pinterest Submits Paperwork For IPO
    Pinterest has filed paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company, which has been focusing on image search, expects a valuation of $12 billion or more. The filing joins a list of high-profile startups joining the parade. Ride-hailing service provider Lyft also filed.
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