• Federal AI Regulations Coming
    Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, at CES on Tuesday talked about a set of principles to federally regulate the development of artificial intelligence in the private sector without stifling innovation. The Wall Street Journal reported that agencies will be required to conduct risk assessments and cost-benefit analysis of any potential regulation. Industry executives and government officials noted the proposed guidelines were a positive development. AI is built into nearly every type of online technology, from Google's and Bing's search engines, to analytics and support for websites and beyond. 
  • Titans Running Tech Created Trillions In Market Value During Last Decade
    Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet combined created $3.25 trillion in market value during the past decade, which helped to lift the Nasdaq to a 325% return during the 2010s, according to CNN Business, citing a report from UBS Global Wealth Management chief investment officer Mark Haefele.
  • Amazon At CES Shows Strength In Search
    Amazon stepped into this year's CES show in Las Vegas with new milestones. Late last month it revealed the company has sold more than 100 million Alexa devices and integrated with 100,000 smart home products from more than 9,500 brands--all rely on search either by voice or algorithms to find products, services, and content, 
  • Alphabet To Give Up 'Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich'
    Reuters has seen a 2018 tax document filed with the Irish and Dutch governments that suggests Google's parent company Alphabet will no longer use the intellectual property licensing scheme known as the “Double Irish, Dutch sandwich." A 2017 filing showed Alphabet had moved $23 billion through a shell company to Bermuda. It allowed Alphabet to delay paying U.S. taxes.
  • U.S. Companies Still Struggling To Comply With CCPA
    One day to go before the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) kicks off and U.S. companies are still struggling to comply. About half of U.S. security professionals surveyed by data security software company Egress in October 2019 said their firms were already compliant with CCPA or would be by the end of the year. A November 2019 Egress survey found 93% of US IT decision-makers said they had at least taken some steps to comply with privacy regulations, according to eMarketer.
  • Optimizing For Audio Content, Podcasts
    A discussion on Reddit between Google's John Mueller and others in the Reddit community provided advice on optimizing an audio based site that features podcasts and audio books. All pages need content for Google to understand the content to rank it. Here's some interesting information on optimizing content for all those moving from text to audio.
  • Best Search Patents From 2019
    Bill Slawski, director of SEO research for Go Fish Digital, published his list of the top 10 search engine patents from 2019. The list includes everything from patents for Google News, to local search knowledge graphs. The majority of his favorites from the past year are knowledge-based patents covering the use of knowledge graphs and entity extraction, he wrote in a blog post. 
  • A Google Year In Review
    Google rings in 2020 with a look back at 2019. Emily Wood, editor-in-chief for The Keyword, walks through changes at Google in the past year, everything from search and Stadia, to Action Blocks and Google Maps.
  • Google Acquires Typhoon Studios For Stadia
    Looking for the perfect game from Google's streaming platform Stadia? It may soon come from Google's acquisition of Montreal-based Typhoon Studios announced Thursday. The studio supported by about 26 employees has yet to release its first title after being founded nearly three years ago, but their upcoming game Journey to the Savage Planet will be released in late January, according to one media outlet.  The employees will join a Stadia team in Canada led by former Ubisoft exec Sébastien Puel.
  • Microsoft Serves Banner Ads In Mail, Calendar App
    Microsoft is serving advertising banners in its mail and calendar app in Windows 10. A media site reported briefly seeing the ads last November, before they disappeared. But they are back. The advertising banners also serve up in the Outlook app for Android, according to Mspoweruser. The ads are from third-party vendors.
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