• Google Now Plans To Get People Off Apps And Onto Web
    Wired reports that Google Now and other technology from the company announced at I/O aims to take people out of mobile apps an onto the Web. Last month, Google announced new integrations with 70 services. At I/O, Google Now project manager Aparna Chennapragada confirmed the number now tops 100. The report suggests the technology lays out a course for making apps obsolete and gets users back onto the Web.
  • Does Quality Score Really Influence Performance?
    Jeff Baum gives marketers five reasons why he doesn't buy into the quality score hype. He doesn't understand why so many marketers are overly fixated on a metric that doesn’t have much bearing on the performance of an account. Baum tells us what he means.
  • Branding As Ranking Factor, Yes Or No?
    Does branding play a part in Google's ranking algorithm? Rand Fishkin explains by trying to answer the question "how can brand not be a ranking factor and yet be a powerful influencer of higher rankings in SEO?"
  • Google Explains its Mobile Revolution
    At Google's I/O developers conference, executives ran through a variety of new and emerging technologies that the company will offer such as the M Android operating system, Android Pay, Project Brillo, Chrome, and Cardboard. Here's a rundown of the announcements.
  • Apple Readying Google Now Competitor
    Apple is readying an iOS platform, code name Proactive, which will leverage search, Siri, Contacts, Calendar, Passbook, and third-party apps to create a competitor to Google Now, reports 9to5Mac. Apple began laying the groundwork for Proactive with its acquisition of personal assistant app Cue in 2013. Mark Gurman explains.
  • Google Confirms Buy Button On Product Shopping Ads
    Google confirmed it will add a “buy button” on its shopping ads, similar to the one it recently added to YouTube Trueview. The button will appear on product listing ads. The move takes on ecommerce sites like Amazon, eBay and Etsy.
  • Mary Meeker Sheds Light On Future Internet Trends
    Mary Meeker takes note of several search trends in a report released this week from KPCB -- including emerging trends like Google local inventory ads, and the buy button, as well as user-generated tagged, curated, indexed searchable images on Pinterest that grew by 75% to 50 billion pins in the past year. The report is largely focused on mobile, but a few tidbits on search shed light on the future.
  • Lenovo ReachIT Extends Cortana Searches Outside Microsoft Apps
    Microsoft has partnered with Lenovo to improve Cortana in Windows 10, extending the digital assistant into non-Microsoft services. While Cortana in Windows 10 will search local PC content and data stored in OneDrive, Lenovo’s REACHit service allows Cortana to search for files on Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box.
  • Google Garners 75% Of Mobile Ad Revenue From iOS
    Apple's iOS drives 75% of Google's mobile advertising revenue, according to a report from Goldman Sachs, cited by the The New York Times. Of the $11.8 billion in mobile search revenue Google garnered in 2014, about $9 billion, came from iOS. Half of that came from a deal with Apple that made Google the default search engine for mobile Safari.
  • Google Mobile Autocompletes Answers
    Google is rolling out an update for mobile search that displays answers to queries before the user finishes typing them. The change only appears to work with queries on mobile that have short answers, mainly related to dates, reports The Next Web.
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