• Google Expands 'Reserve' Booking Service
    Making it easier to book fitness classes and such, Google is rolling out its Reserve with Google service nationwide. “Even for Google, the booking service’s focus on fitness classes is incredibly niche,” Venture Beat notes. “But as the name implies, Reserve with Google could someday expand to other categories, possibly even restaurants.”
  • Microsoft Forms 'Mixed Reality Marketing' Team
    Microsoft is drawing a line between its Mixed Reality Marketing Team and its Surfaces devices team, ZNet reports. Per the change, “The company has hired the former Chief Marketing Officer of Oculus VR at Facebook, Elizabeth Hamren, to run that new separate team,” it writes. Meanwhile, “The company also plans to invest in a dedicated set of Mixed Reality sellers for its fiscal 2018.”
  • AT&T Suspending All Non-Search Ads On Google
    AT&T says it's pulling all non-related search advertisements running on Google and YouTube despite the the company's pledge this week to keep offensive and extremist content away from ads, reports USA Today. "We are deeply concerned that our ads may have appeared alongside YouTube content promoting terrorism and hate," the company said in an emailed statement to USA Today. "Until Google can ensure this won’t happen again, we are removing our ads from Google’s non-search platforms."
  • Microsoft Inserts Ads In File Explorer For Windows 10
    Apple Insider reports that Microsoft will begin inserting ads into Windows 10 File Explorer. The advertisements began serving up in early March. The advertisement for the paid service pops up in the Quick Access screen when File Explorer is opened -- even without looking for a network share to store files.
  • Local Court Orders Google To Aid Police Investigation
    A court in Minnesota is demanding that Google help local police track down a suspect accused of using its search engine to look up the name of a financial fraud victim. “The court order demanding such a massive search is perhaps the most expansive one we've seen unconnected to the US national security apparatus and, if carried out, could set an Orwellian precedent,” ars technica writes.
  • Cops Serve Warrant for Google Search Data On Entire Town Of Edina
    A Minnesota judge signed a search warrant for personal information on anyone who googled a person's name in the city of Edina. The hope was that the person's name, a bank fraud victim known only by the first name of Douglas, would help lead police to the person committing the fraud. Tony Webster initially wrote about the incident and posted the search warrant on his blog. Forbes reported that Google initially rejected the request.
  • Microsoft Adds LinkedIn Co-Founder Hoffman To Board
    LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is joining Microsoft’s board of directors. “As of Hoffman's appointment … Microsoft's board is back up to 12 members,” ZDNet notes. Presently, “Hoffman is a partner with Greylock Partners.” Of course, “Microsoft purchased LinkedIn last year for $26.2 billion.”
  • Marissa Mayer Could Get $23M Severance Package
    While she is losing her title as Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer could make millions in the process. “Following the closing of the Verizon acquisition of the internet company’s operating businesses, [Mayer] will get a golden parachute package worth around $23 million if she’s fired or leaves for good cause within a year,” Variety reports. “Yahoo said Thomas McInerney, formerly CFO of Barry Diller’s IAC, will take over as CEO of the company following the Verizon deal closing.”
  • AdWords Adds Features To Improve Click-To-Call Performance
    A new look and reporting features for keywords and ad-level call details, a new design for click-to-call ads, and a way to get call extensions up and running more quickly are some of the AdWords features rolling out this week from Google. The news from AdWords, buried in a sea of announcements from Google's Cloud Next 2017 conference, but Google tells marketers the company will release more features in the coming months. The company also says that reporting columns for “Phone impressions” and “Phone calls” will soon be available to see phone-through rates at the keyword and ad levels in …
  • Google Hires Max Pappas To Head Republican Political Advertising
    Recode reports that Google has made a hire to lead Republican political advertising. Max Pappas, who had been an aide to Sen. Ted Cruz, filled the position, according to reports. Lee Carosi Dunn, who previously served as head of election sales, now heads White House outreach, per recode.
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