• Bing AI Algorithm Insights On Chat From Bing Product Manager
    Fabrice Canal, principal product manager for Microsoft Bing, presented in Austin, Texas, offering valuable insights on how to use Bing Chat. For now, he suggested, using the same SEO strategy for optimizing content for Bing’s AI experiences because it’s still the early days for AI search. Canal also stressed the importance of SEO professionals to guide Bing’s search crawlers to high-quality content, Matt Southern explains. 
  • LinkedIn Feature Boosts Content Visibility
    LinkedIn users, in the next few weeks, will have the ability to highlight the type of content appearing in the Activity section of their profile, from images and videos, to newsletters and documents. 
  • Bill Gates On Microsoft, OpenAI, And Artificial Intelligence
    Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, spoke with Forbes about his work with artificial intelligence company OpenAI, being back on Microsoft’s campus, AI’s potential impact on jobs and in medicine, and more.
  • Microsoft Strengthens Multichannel Ad Approach, Discontinues Bid Modifiers For Audience Ads
    Search Ads and Audience Ads make a good combination, according to Microsoft. The company piloted a multichannel approach during the past year and found advertisers using this multichannel management approach have seen 14% higher conversion rates at 21% lower cost per acquisition (CPA). Mallory Hardwood explains.
  • OpenAI Tool Now Detects AI-Generated Text
    OpenAI has launched a tool it believes can distinguish between human-written and AI-generated text. Today it's success rate is around 26%, OpenAI notes, but when used with other methods it could be useful in helping prevent AI text generators from being abused, the company said.
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