• Keeping An Eye On Four Paid-Search Things
    Setting up email alerts from the AdWords interface to monitor scripts, as well as using labels to examine new accounts and tests, should become priority for monitoring campaigns. Eric Couch explains why and provides insight on what to watch. He also takes us through the process of creating a daily performance report that updates each morning. In the long run, the initial efforts will pay off by saving time. Read the article here.
  • Attribution Signals Marketers Miss
    Kevin Less tells us about 10 conversion events that marketers should track. He believes these signals have significant value to businesses yet are often not counted when it comes to paid-search campaigns. Some include visits to the "contact us" page, phone calls, navigation to deeper Web site pages, and social signals from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Read the article here.
  • Bing Ads To Increase Speed
    Ping Jen tells us about changes to Bing Ads editor in a recent post that highlights faster upload and download speeds and other capabilities. He tells marketers that this marks the first wave in improvements. Screen shots provide insight into the changes. Read the article here.
  • Trendrr Joins Twitter Flock
    Twitter said Wednesday it has purchased Trendrr, technology that can analyze real-time conversation on Twitter, Facebook and other social media for television channels gathering insights into what audiences say online. On the company's Web site, Mark explains that the company intends to honor existing partner contracts for Trendrr.TV, but will not take on new ones.
  • How To Fix Five Common Web Site Flaws
    Slow loading Web sites, navigational nightmares, and irrelevant content can frustrate site visitors. What are some of the most common issues that impact users? Phil Sharp shares five. Consider pop-out navigation sections as one of the solutions to poor navigation, suggests Sharp. He also walks through other fixes for internal search and ways to design simple categories. Read the article here.
  • YouTube Replaces Video Responses
    YouTube will retire Video Responses on Sept. 12. The company points to poor click-through rates -- about 4 in every 1 million users who sees a video response -- as the reason, according to the post. The site will still allow visitors to share video links in comments. It will allow creators and viewers to add more context to a video, which should drive better engagement.
  • Advanced AdWords Features Provide Detailed Reporting
    Lisa Raehsler tells us about several AdWords features that provide reporting and data, with details about account performance, providing insight into time comparison, top movers, auctions, and search funnels. A Google webinar guides us through the features. Read the article here.
  • Google: As Good As It Gets?
    What does it mean when a top company executive sells thousands of stock shares? Some analysts believe the stock price will continue to rise. Others put the stock on hold. Eric Schmidt sold 19,808 shares of Google stock at $872.04 per share for a total value of $17,273,392, reports Wall St. Cheatsheet. The shares recently traded at $850.15 -- down $21.89, or 2.51% since the sale.
  • How To Advance Google Analytics Filters
    Kristi Hines discusses how to use features beyond the standard Analytics reporting such as filters, advanced segments, custom reports, and dashboards. Screen shots support detailed instructions. She takes us through the use of filters, advanced segments, custom reports and dashboards. Read the article here.
  • How To Give Keywords Character
    Looking for some tips on using customer personas and keyword research to increase conversions by 81%? A webinar highlighting the company One Call Now takes us through a case study to show marketers how it's done, providing details on why the company redesigned its Web site, what it takes to develop buyer personas that can forecast customer actions on the site, keywords to leverage uncommon vertical keywords, and more. Listen to the webinar here.
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