• Google Updates to Understand
    Google is shaking up algorithms. Lily Ray at Moz takes us through three very important types of search engine updates that can affect SEO strategies.
  • Google: How Big A Problem Is Spam?
    About three-quarters of the way into a Wired article published Monday about what's next for Google Search, experienced search marketers will find the more interesting topics. One includes the problem of spam. Google discovers about 40-billion pages per day of spam and malicious content. Then there is malvertising. Users who think there might be something suspicious with the ad they see in Google Search can first click on the three dots next to the ad and select “About this Ad,” which includes information about the advertiser and why they were shown the ad.
  • Airbnb's Focus Changes From Search To Brand Marketing, It's Paying Off
    Airbnb said its strategy of slashing the amount spend on advertising and investing in brand marketing to lessen its reliance on search-engine marketing is paying off. The company's marketing spend is now low enough that it doesn’t anticipate drastic reductions even if economic headwinds worsen next year, it said. Brian Chesky, co-founder and CEO, said in the company's earnings call earlier this month that it's not forgoing search, just lessoning its reliance. The company still plans to use the media, which will include updating its search ranking algorithm. 
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