• Apple Security Chief Accused Of Bribing Sheriff's Officers With iPads
    The grand jury in Santa Clara, California, indicted Apple chief security officer Thomas Moyer for offering to donate 200 iPads to the Santa Clara Sheriff's Office in exchange for four concealed carry permits "withheld from Apple employees." Moyer allegedly promised to donate 200 iPads in exchange for four concealed carry licenses “withheld from Apple employees."
  • What's a Google Ad Grant And Who Qualifies?
    Google Ad grants offer a set amount of funding toward Google advertising monthly for nonprofits. Google designed the grants program to help nonprofits flourish. The ads work in a similar way to pay-per-click ads. Nonprofits use them to drive targeted traffic to their sites, simllar to any business owner. Neil Patel provides a rundown of who should apply and outlines the process showing how to do it. 
  • Apple: EU Privacy Activists File Complaint Based On IDFA
    Apple IDFA or Identifier for Advertisers, under scrutiney by privacy activist group None of Your Business, based on the ability to track the bahavior of iPhone users.
  • IAB Europe Releases Guide to Programmatic Out-of-Home Advertising
    IAB Europe on Friday released the Programmatic Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising Guide that examines the strengths and opportunities around digital OOH across Europe, sharing best practices around measurement and creativity. The guide was written by DOOH experts from Awarion, Nielsen, OMD, Displayce, IAB France and IAB Turkey, along with IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee.
  • Getting The Most From Links In Five Tips
    Here are five tips to help marketers boost their internal link strategy and site performance. Cyrus Shepard demonstrates ways that marketers can get the most from internal links to support SEO, starting with engagement and extreme topic relevance, and adding content and thinking of new ways to trim low-value links. 
  • Microsoft Renews Partnership With Perion Network
    Israeli digital advertising company Perion Network announced it renewed a multiyear partnership between its technology division, CodeFuel, and Microsoft Advertising. The four-year deal extends a partnership that has been in place since 2010. 
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