• Yoast SEO Makes Major Changes To Its Interface
    The new version of Yoast introduces a card-style interface that doesn’t require users to make choices the way a tab interface does. It presents the information as a series of features that a user can turn on or off.  It’s an easier and more intuitive way of doing things.
  • Google Reportedly To Cut Executive Bonuses
    Google plans to reduce senior executives’ pay as part of a cost-cutting after laying off 12,000 workers. Employees at the senior vice president level and above would get lower bonuses, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing people who heard the remarks at a companywide meeting on Monday. 
  • Companies Using Google Ads To Entice Small Businesses To Pay For Government Freebees
    Companies with official-sounding names and websites that suggest a government affiliation charge hundreds of dollars or more to provide  "help" to small businesses it can gain for free. The companies used Google Ads before search engine removed the advertisements and prevented them from buying more. 
  • In The World Of Measurement--2023
    Marketing budgets this year stand to face scrutiny in an economic downturn, so, basically, the media industry finds itself at a turning point. Marketing Dive created a roundup of the measurement news and announcements from companies across the ecosystem.
  • TikTok Reportedly Undercuts Ad Prices Of Social Media Rivals
    TikTok reportedly is offering less expensive ad rates than rival social media platforms as the company tries to grab a larger share of the digital ads market amid a slowdown in online spending. FT cites advertisers, industry bodies and brands that say an increasing amount of ad spend has moved from platforms such as Twitter and Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram. The social site claims lower costs and better levels of engagement.
  • Advertisers Reacting To Google Update For Removing Redundant Keywords
    Google updated one of its auto-applied recommendations policies, and advertisers are not happy, according to one report. Last week, Google emailed advertisers who currently use the auto-applied suggestion enabled on their accounts. Here's what marketers need to know.
  • Google Takes RCS Apple Message To CES 2023
    Google at CES 2023 ran two ads for Android that continue on the RCS-theme. The RCS standard lets Android users share high-quality photos and videos. It does not work for Apple. One digital billboard was captured on TikTok. The ad showed a text message conversation between Android and Apple, where Google blames Apple for leaving customers with pixelated photos and videos, and says it can be fixed with just a bit of code. It reads: The ball may have dropped on 2023, but you don't need to drop the ball on fixing your pixelated photos and videos.
  • Google Maps Navigation Now Works Without A Phone
    Google announced users of Google Maps can rely on turn-by-turn navigation on Wear OS 3 watches with LTE connectivity even when it is not connected to a phone. The enhancement is different from offline Maps. The former still requires the watch to have access to an active internet connection.
  • Twitter Lays Off Some Data Scientists, Engineers In Advertising
    Twitter laid off about 40 data scientists and engineers working on advertising in at least the third round of cuts since mid-December, according to a person with direct knowledge of the layoffs.
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