• EU Focuses On Data Use, Search By U.S. Sites
    The European Commission plans to launch a probe into how online platforms list search results and how they use customer data, per the Financial Times. It's another step by the EU to tighten regulation of Internet companies after coming under pressure from France and Germany. One draft proposal looks the "digital single market" encompassing everything from online shopping to telecoms regulation, and video on demand to messaging apps. It will go to the commission for approval next week.
  • Microsoft, University Demonstrate Latest Use For HoloLens
    Microsoft shares a video of the latest use for HoloLens, the company's holographic system. Mark Griswold, professor at Case Western Reserve University, demonstrates at a Microsoft conference the future of holographics for use in medical school. Using holographs, the instructor can focus on one specific part of the body. When students and the instructor are wearing HoloLens, the instructor can see what the student is looking at and assess their learning.
  • How Apple Watch Capitalizes On Near-Me Searches
    Jon Sckepke takes marketers through the steps they will need to take to prepare for the change in marketing and advertising resulting from wearable technology. He explains how Apple Watch and iBeacon technologies will connect brands with consumers by extending relevant content and experiences to their wrist devices based on behavior and location. Google and Forrester Research refers to these simple interactions as micro moments. Here's how.
  • Google Introduces 'Google For Retail' Hub
    Google has launched a hub it calls Google for Retail, where ecommerce or multichannel businesses learn more about the company's solutions. It combines information on Merchant Center, Shopping Campaigns, and Local Inventory Ads. The page also provides contact information, such as free phone support for retailers looking to sell their goods and services online.
  • Twitter Grabs At Straws, Blames Marketers' 'Reluctance To Buy New Kind Of Ad'
    Twitter CEO Dick Costolo teased out few details of an agreement with Apple to serve content and accounts directly in Spotlight Search on iOS and OS X during the company's Q1 2015 earnings call. The two companies are "working" to "make it easier and quicker to find great things on Twitter." It turns out the feature is already available. The teaser could be a desperate move to increase Twitter's worth after the company released earnings and the stock tumbled.
  • Google Ventures: Tips On Using Shopping Funnels To Design Web Sites
    Google Ventures considers shopping funnels a secret weapon when it comes to designing Web sites. Once marketers know the questions that customers ask and in what order, it becomes easier to design the messages and the functions to match. Michael Margolis guides us through the process of creating a shopping funnel that syncs with a company's business, which can be used as a roadmap to improve the design of the site.
  • Google Launches Chrome Extension For Password Protection
    Google is launching a Chrome extension designed to prevent individuals from using Google passwords on other sites to help keep accounts safe. Password Alert will warn users when they are about to reuse their Google password on a site that is not a Google sign-in page. The free a free, open-source Chrome extension protects Google and Google Apps for Work accounts. Once installed, Password Alert will show the user a warning if the code is reused, providing protection against phishing attacks and encouraging users to use different passwords for different sites, a security best practice.
  • Tips On Bidding Products To Their True Value
    Let advertisers bid each product based on its predicted value. That's the mantra at Pricegrabber and eBay Commerce Network in recent years. Both have moved away from the traditional rate card systems, allowing advertisers to submit bids of any amount for their products, per Melissa Rowland. She looks at CSE bid management strategies and the decline of traditional rate cards to provide tips on the true value of bidding, and suggests bidding each product based on its true value, which helps to remove products from the feed that could be efficient at a bid below the rate card, or bidding products …
  • MediaPost Search Insider Summit Call For Thought Leaders
    MediaPost will host the summer Search Insider Summit at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina, June 10 through June 13, 2015. Wish you were here? The three-day event will explore consumer behavior as search engines lose their interface; the new Don Draper, the creative search nerd; what advertising looks like on wearable devices, and the art of mobile ranking and paid search. Brands and agencies interested in participating in one of these thought-provoking discussions, email Laurie Sullivan at sullivan@mediapost.com.
  • Google's Mobile Algorithm Update Identifies Clear Trends
    While Google communicated to Web site owners that changes to the mobile algorithm would roll out the week of April 21, it actually began the week prior, per Searchmetrics. The data shows ongoing downtrends of several companies. Initial companies that are seeing a loss include reddit.com, nbcsports.com, songlyrics.com, youngmoney.com, fool.com, and isitdownrightnow.com. 
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