• Digging Into 10 Valuation Of Links
    Rand Fishkin walks through ten principles of link valuation that you can observe, test and, in some cases, patent. He explains they're not hard and fast rules, but rather based on experience, tests and observations. Fishkin provides graphs and details that describe link-building tactics for search engines valuation of links in HTML code, inside unique content, and contained within NoScript tags.
  • How To Squeeze Out PPC Profits
    If you're wondering how to optimize your paid search campaign to profit from every click, Stoney deGeyter has the answer. He takes marketers deep into some complex calculations in an attempt to get more accurate cost per conversion data for PPC campaigns. He also explains how to determine the amount you can spend on campaigns and still make a profit by first calculating sales for each product group.
  • The Geek's Guide To Optimizing Semantic Signals
    It's important to remember all of today's search engines do semantic analysis, and whether it's using PLSA, HTTM or a hybrid is inconsequential, explains David Harry. So he digs to explain the semantic Web. "By using semantic themes you will enable the search engine to better understand the concepts on your page," he writes. "Remember, search engines have about a 6th grade reading/understanding level. We need to play nice with them."
  • AdPlanner Features Integrate With AdWords
    The Google AdWords blog announced new features for Google's DoubleClick Ad Planner to provide greater integration with the AdWords network. One tool exports Google Content Network placements from AdPlanner to AdWords; another enables you to create lists in Ad Planner. Both Rohit Kundaji and Wayne Lin walk through how to use the tools.
  • Using Search To Calculate ROI
    What is the return on investment of search, social marketing, digital marketing or advertising in general? Augustine Fou serves up insights after realizing advertisers have very different definitions for the term ROI. He explains the measurements advertisers use, provides tips for using search to find the returns, as well as ways to run awareness campaigns that help you calculate ROI.
  • Don't Let Content Turn Into Tired Old Dogs
    Launched a blog, but not getting the traffic you expected? Alec Green give you 10 ways to feed your company blog, from crowdsourcing to writing about industry developments that relate to local events to getting buy-in from senior management. Green provides some insights on keeping content fresh. After all, marketer don't want content getting lifeless like a tired old dog: "The kind of dog that looked like it hadn't been walked in weeks and smelled like it hadn't been given a bath in months," Green writes. "The member of our family that no one talked about and everyone secretly …
  • Another Google Suggestion For Search Queries
    Alternative search query suggestions have become expected when you search on a keyword. Google, Bing and Yahoo execs say it offers the searcher information they might not have looked for on their own. Bill Slawski has discovered a Google patent application that might provide another example of when a searcher might need a query suggestion. He writes that the process described could use the full documents identified within the search results in the original query, or a summary or short snippet, possibly up to 1,000 words, from those documents to provide suggested terms.
  • How To Track Calls From Search Ads
    Since Google began running click-to-call for mobile campaigns, and most recently added the same for desktop searches, there has been a renewed focus on unique campaign phone number call tracking and click-to-call placements in search ads. Jason Tabeling runs through a few details marketers should know, from how to gain higher click-through rates to call tracking, to unique number follow-ups.
  • How To Optimize Video
    How can you get your video to rank high on Google and YouTube channels? Terry Van Horne describes several ways to optimize video during video planning, production, and more. The long post details tips on video ranking factors and signals, optimizing the transcript, sitemaps and promoting viral content, video production techniques, and other topic related to video SEO.
  • How To Effectively Move AdWords Campaigns
    Joseph Kerschbaum provides some tips for those thinking about consolidating AdWords campaigns. After doing it for a client, he shares his experience and runs through the process, from reviewing the stats to coming up with a plan of action to long-term implications. Sure the process can be effective, he writes, but it's important to consider what it means in terms of managing the PPC account in the long term. For those who take the plunge, he adds a few additional notes to make moving campaigns or ad groups easier.
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