• Tips On Evolving Paid Search Bids
    Search marketing campaigns continue to evolve. Performance shifts for many reasons. Joseph Kerschbaum believes an approach that syncs bidding strategies with recent keyword performance can help marketers stay focused. As with anything in your SEM campaigns, your bidding approach should evolve as well. He explains how to keep bidding processes progressive through CPC, CPA. and flexible bidding processes.  
  • Google Across Screens
    Google made several mobile announcements Tuesday, but one of the most interesting points to changes in Chromecast. Chromecast Audio is a device that plugs into existing speakers, so consumers can stream music, radio and podcasts over Wi-Fi, similar to Chromecast. It works with Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play Music--anywhere in the home from Android, iOS, and laptops. Hiroshi Lockheimer explains.
  • YouTube Pushes Buy Button
    YouTube said it would make it easier for advertisers to pair their ads with videos highlighting a product without a search. The feature, available in the coming months, will allow viewers to get directly to a retailer’s site with a single click.
  • Bing In The Classroom
    Three new step-by-step video demos educate teachers on how to use Bing for ad-free search inside schools. They also demonstrate additional tools and resources available for teachers such as research tools, lesson plans and leveraging the Microsoft Educator network, and the official registration process. The education team explains.
  • Google Now On Tap Coming To Your Phone
    Now on Tap, an extension of Google Now, will come to users with the next version of the Android operating system. It offers more information about the things on the screen based on searches. Google calls this interconnection and the ability to recognize words describing places, people and things the Knowledge Graph. The goal is teaching the algorithms to offer information on flights to a destination or reservations for a restaurant with a tap and hold of the home button. Leo Kelion explains.
  • Google's Compression Algorithm Brotli
    When can marketers expect to see Google's new compression algorithm Brotli? Why will Google launch a new update, and how will this algorithm improve Web browsing? NetElixir thinks its SEO geeks have the answer, predicting that page speed will have more of an influence on ranking in the future.
  • How IoT Influences Search
    Search guru and former Lycos technologist Bill Cava co-founded a company called Bebaio, which helps others build secure, scalable applications to collect, process, analyze and operate on data from all types of Internet-connected devices. He put together a must-read book list to help marketers better understand ubiquitous computing, something similar to what Apple, Google and Microsoft are trying to do with search through Siri, Now, and Cortana, respectively. How will IoT influence search? Perhaps as more people use the three apps it will become clearer. Check out the list of books.
  • NASA Research, Google Renew Quantum Contract With D-Wave
    NASA's Ames Research Center, along with Google and the Universities Space Research Association, has renewed its contract with D-Wave, a Canadian manufacturer of quantum computers, to install quantum computing systems at the research center. The companies and research lab hopes quantum computing will help them make strides in fields such as artificial intelligence.
  • Google Under Possible U.S. Antitrust Scrutiny Of Android
    The Federal Trade Commission will spearhead an investigation of Google's Android business, according to Bloomberg, which cites sources. The FTC wants to know if the tech giant stifled competitors' access to its Android mobile operating system. In its early stages, the inquiry could end without a case against Google.
  • Microsoft's Nadella, Yahoo's Mayer Among The Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs In Tech
    Who are the three richest CEOs in tech? Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, takes the No. 1 spot with $84 million; Steve Mollenkopf, Qualcomm CEO comes in at No. 2 with $60 million; and Marissa Mayer, Yahoo CEO, comes in at No. 3 with $42 million.
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