• Kayak Serves Search Results For Travel To Cuba
    My, how times have changed. Travel between the U.S. and Cuba is getting easier. Search engine Kayak, a Priceline Group company, has begun to offer hotel and flight results for Cuba. The company said it added Cuba to its search results in response to a big boost in demand since the U.S. announced loosening restrictions last month.
  • Google Adds Locale-Aware Features For Search
    Google has added a new locale-aware crawl configurations for Googlebot. It crawls Web site pages, and when it detects local or specific content, the engine can serve the content based on the request's language and perceived location. As the crawling configurations are enabled, companies may notice changes in how Google crawls and serves sites in Google search results without altering the content management server or server settings.
  • Microsoft To Invest Minority Stake In Alternative Android App Co. Cyanogen
    Microsoft will invest about $70 million into an equity finance round in Cyanogen, which is building a version of the Android mobile-operating system outside of Google’s support, reports the Wall Street Journal. The media site cites people in the know. Cyanogen offers an alternate version of the Android mobile operating system free of Google's restrictions.
  • Google Publishes 3 Programmatic Resolutions
    Bob Arnold, who once worked as a digital marketer at Procter and Gamble, and Kellogg, offers three resolutions for marketers wanting to jump into programmatic ad buys. He believes that in 2015 the focus should remain on measurement, relentless attention to inventory quality, and a priority on mobile and video. Here's how.
  • UltraViolet Video Ad Slams NFL Over Domestic Violence
    UltraViolet Thursday began releasing ad slamming the NFL on domestic violence issues. The ads will run leading up to the Super Bowl. One video ad will feature a woman being tackled by a football player as a voiceover says "Let's take domestic violence out of football." It is part of a five-figure online media buy running on Sports Illustrated's Web site SI.com and Huffington Post Sports. The campaign also includes truck billboards that will roll through Phoenix beginning Thursday through Super Bowl Sunday, circling the airport, hotels, and Super Bowl festivities.
  • 300 Hours Of Video Per Minute, Terrorist Propaganda Flooding YouTube
    Google said Wednesday that its video-sharing site YouTube is so inundated with terrorist propaganda that staff cannot filter out all terror-related content. Google Public Policy Manager Verity Harding told the European Parliament during  meeting that about 300 hours of video material is being uploaded to YouTube every minute, making it virtually impossible for the company to filter all images. Harding told the Associated Press that pre-screening those videos before they are uploaded would be like screening a phone call before it's made.
  • SproutLoud Taps Telmetrics To Offer Call Analytics
    Telmetrics Tuesday announced a partnership with SproutLoud aimed at integrating the automated marketing platform's reporting capabilities with call analytics. Through the partnership, SproutLoud’s national-to-local clients can assign call tracking phone numbers to local marketing campaigns in real-time and view that digital and traditional media programs perform via the dashboard. The feature tracks results across digital marketing, email, direct mail, print, TV and radio spots, outdoor media and collateral.
  • What Are UTMs And How Do I Use Them?
    The better marketers understand the campaigns that work on a specific day or for a specific reason, the more likely to deliver the required return on investment. Makes sense, right? Kissmetrics describes how it tracks campaigns to help marketers with their own campaigns. The post runs through how to use UTMs (urchin tracking modules), a snippet of text added to the end of a URL used for tracking marketing campaigns, in a variety of different types of campaigns.
  • Google Fiber Rabbit Expanding To More Cities
    Google will expand Fiber to Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., Raleigh-Durham, N.C. and Nashville, Tenn., the company said Tuesday. These cities are among the nine under consideration that Google named in February. Other cities include San Jose, California and San Antonio, Texas. Currently Google has a fiber network in Kansas City, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri; Provo, Utah and Austin, Texas. 
  • New Vivaldi Web Browser Appeals To Power Users
    Betting that the world needs another Web browser, former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner just launched Vivaldi. The Chromium-based browser is designed specifically for “power users,” TechCrunch reports. “Vivaldi features tools like Quick Commands for using written commands instead of the mouse, an Opera-like Speed Dial for quickly accessing bookmarks, a note-taking feature and the ability to organize tabs into stacks.” 
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