• Arizona Senate Skips Vote On Bill To Regulate Apple, Google App Stores
    The Arizona State Senate, scheduled to vote on a bill Wednesday, would have imposed far-reaching changes on how Apple and Google operate their mobile app stores. It would have allowed an alternative in-app payment systems, bypassing the two companies. The vote never happened, reports The Verge, having been passed over on the schedule without explanation. Basecamp co-founder David Heinemeier Hansson, a harsh Apple critic, has accusing Apple of stepping in to stop the vote. 
  • Facebook Announces Developer Support For New Logins
    Facebook plans to add support for user_friends, user_birthday and user_age_range to their Limited Login feature for developers in early spring 2021. It's based on the OpenID Connect Standard, To implement the current version of Limited Login, which supports name, profile pic and email, Facebook suggests updating the Facebook iOS SDK or Facebook SDK for Unity to version 9.0+. 
  • Samsung Warns Of Deeper Semiconductor Shortage
    Advertisers, not just in the electronics industry, thinking that a semiconductor shortage won't affect them need to think again. Samsung is the largest computer chip maker. It may not affect advertising today, but it will as consumers start looking at the next mobile phone or television to buy. Ads serve up on these devices. The shortage will stifle advancements in deploying any new technologies. This includes car manufacturers. Computer chip supplies have been tight since carmakers cut orders on weakening sales forecasts at the peak of the pandemic last year, reports the Financial Times. Chip production capacity at many manufacturing …
  • Nokia's Partnerships With Amazon, Microsoft, Google Center On 5G, Cloud
    5G technology aims to facilitate faster load times for apps, advertising, search, video and other software applications running on mobile devices. On Tuesday, Nokia issued several announcements around cloud providers and 5G technology. It is pairing its radio access network (RAN) technologies for 5G along with cloud services from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. Nokia in January said a new global partnership with Google would deliver cloud capabilities to the network's edge. 
  • Microsoft Advertising Makes Static Headlines Available For Dynamic Search Ads
    Advertisers can now use static headlines in their Microsoft Advertising Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) to specify an ad title that serves up as a URL in the page feed. DSAs match user queries based on the website content. Bing’s web crawling technology develops an understanding of the page content in the domain that allows it to dynamically determine the page to match based on the query.
  • Google Slashes In-App Commission Rate In South Korea
    Google Korea reportedly told the parliamentary committee on science and technology in South Korea that it will reduce the 30% commission rate on in-app purchase to 15% for app developers with less than $1 million in annual net sales on its platform beginning in July. These developers typically account for 99% of the revenue generated from Google Play Store in the country. Will others countries follow?
  • Antitrust Scholar To Reexamine How Big Tech Is Regulated
    Lina Khan, known for her 2017 paper “Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox," will be nominated to the agency charged, in part, with regulating monopoly power, a personal familiar with the matter told The Washington Post. Khan’s nomination has not been officially announced.
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