• The Importance Of Local Links
    Don't ignore local link strategies simply because your business might be online. Julie Joyce tells us about the importance of local links, the available types, how to get started finding them and determining the ones to pursue, and how to better optimize a local business profile. It never hurts to bring in business from surrounding areas, even if the company supports a nationwide or a global focus. 
  • Targeting Email Segmentation
    Christiana Care, a 1,000-bed health system based in Delaware, grew its database from two entries to 64,000 in four years and drove 3,000% return on investment by carefully choosing a marketing automation vendor, segmenting the prospects, and executing the effort. David Kirkpatrick takes us through the steps and describes the technology put in place to make it happen.
  • SEOmoz Goes YouTube
    SEOmoz launched a video campaign in honor of its new YouTube channel. Create a 120-second or less video on an inbound marketing tool or tactic. The categories are content marketing, Google updates, link building, social media, analytics, APIs, and more. Rand Fishkin and the community will select the videos based on information, entertainment, and actionable items. Winners will get their videos featured on SEOmoz's YouTube channel, and receive a swag bag.
  • How Many Redirect Hops Will Google Bots Follow?
    When asked whether there is a limit to the number of 301 permanent redirects a search marketer can do from one site to another, Google's Matt Cutts explains how it works, when they should be done, and the danger of doing this in "multiple hops." When reaching four or five "hops," Google's bot may not follow all, he explains.
  • Google Holds On To Small Amounts Of Data
    Google has admitted that it still has in its possession a small amount of Internet user data collected through its street mapping service after it had been ordered to destroy it, according to The Wall Street Journal, which points to a U.K. regulator. The Information Commissioner's Office calls the oversight a possible "breach" to the ICO agreement signed by Google in November 2010.
  • Thinking About Holiday Paid-Search Strategies
    As a reminder, August begins Wednesday, so it's not too early to start thinking about holiday paid-search schedules and strategies. Rob Cooley takes us through the processes and makes suggestions on how to get started. He suggests beginning by analyzing holiday-specific keywords and season curves for the specific business. Let's face it -- back-to-school comes within one month for most, and Halloween not long after.
  • Mobile Commerce To Account For More Than 24% Of E-Commerce
    Optimizing mobile Web sites that generate traffic through organic results should become a priority for search marketers -- or companies risk leaving brand recognition and sales on the table. ABI Research estimates the m-commerce market will account for 24.4% of overall e-commerce revenue by the end of 2017. The research firm estimates that the mobile online commerce market in 2011 doubled in size to $65.6 billion. ABI estimates the global volume of mobile data traffic will exceed 107 exabytes in 2017.
  • Google Handwrite For Phones, Tablets
    Google now allows searchers to write a search query in script or printing on tablets and mobile devices. Enable the feature and tap the Handwrite icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to activate the writing surface. Autocomplete options appear below the search box to complete the query. The tool allows searchers to write the query anywhere on the screen, not just in the search box.
  • Insights From Facebook Earnings Call
    Jed Williams "unpacks" Facebook's advertising business, starting with the Sponsored Stories ad unit, which taps into content in news feeds. It’s the ad unit inserted into desktop and mobile newsfeeds. In an earnings call, COO Sheryl Sandberg shared both quantitative and qualitative information about the ads. She said the ads generate about $1 million in daily run rate, with half occurring on mobile. Williams provides other details too.
  • Link Building Internally
    John Doherty explores the potential effects that Google's Penguin algorithm has had on internal links. He tells marketers how to target important pages to rank better for competitive terms, yet not become affected by algorithm updates. He also shares knowledge picked up optimizing sites in the travel industry -- particularly with regard to microsites and ccTLDs.
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