• Apple Tried To Hire Google Search Chief Ben Gomes
    Apple succeeded in hiring Google executive John Giannandrea, who served as Google’s search and AI chief. He joined Apple as head of Siri and machine learning in 2018. Now according to documents filed by the Department of Justice in its ongoing antitrust lawsuit against Google, it becomes known that Apple also tried to hire Ben Gomes, Giannandrea’s top search deputy and successor.
  • What Airbnb, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter Paid Search Leads, Creatives, Marketing Managers, And More
    Airbnb paid its search marketing lead $250,000 annually, after suspending its marketing when COVID-19 forced it to take a hit in March 2020. Google paid its creative lead $260,000; and its product marketing managers up to $315,000.
  • Baidu Spent Nearly $2.5B To Ramp Up Products In Q2 2021
    Baidu's quarterly earnings results topped Wall Street estimates on Thursday, as the Chinese search giant benefited from a rebound in advertising and higher demand for its artificial intelligence and cloud products, according to Reuters. The company, Google's biggest competitor in China, reported spending about $2.45 billion in the quarter to ramp up its products, up 21% compared with a year earlier.
  • Facebook Builds $800M Data Center In Arizona
    Facebook on Thursday said it plans to build a data center in Mesa, Arizona, its first significant investment in the state. The new facility will employ about 100 workers and house routers, switches, servers, storage systems and other equipment to keep applications running and data secure.
  • Retailers, Consumers Find Avoiding Amazon Increasingly Difficult
    Ella Wynn didn't buy anything from Amazon. Still, an Amazon box turned up on her doorstep in Manhattan’s East Village. Turns out an Etsy seller relied on Amazon’s logistics to get an order to the consumer, using a lesser-known subdivision of Fulfillment by Amazon called Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). FBA stores, packs and delivers to Amazon customers, sometimes in as little as a day, MCF offers much the same for sales on other websites, such as Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and several others.  
  • How To Use Google Sheets To Scrape Web, Build Campaigns
    Marketers lacking the tools to scrape the web or knowledge to code using something like Python may need to resort to the tedious job of manually copying and pasting possibly hundreds or thousands of entries. Instead, Andrea Atzori walks through how to use the IMPORTXML function on Google.
  • Twitter Launches Competition To Search For Bias In Algorithm
    Twitter last week launched a competition for computer researchers and hackers to identify biases in its image-cropping algorithm, after a group of researchers found the algorithm tended to exclude Black people and men.
  • Google Takes Control Of Mobile With The Launch Of Processor For Pixel Phones
    Tensor, the processor, is Google's first custom-built system on chip (SoC) specifically for Pixel phones, and it will power the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro later this fall. What influence will it have on mobile advertising? 
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