• Google Gives Thumbs Up To IBM Chips
    An engineer at Google -- a founding member of the OpenPower Foundation, IBM’s project to open the design of its Power chip for use in new types of servers -- confirmed publicly that it was building Power hardware and porting its software to the chip. In a Google+ post, Gordon MacKean, Google engineer and chairman of the OpenPower Foundation, demonstrated a "vote of confidence for IBM," writes James Niccolai. Google has been running tests on the server, not a rollout, he writes.
  • Google Buys Patents From Foxconn
    Foxconn, contract manufacturer in China, has sold patents to Google. Also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, people in the electronics industry call the company Apple's captive manufacturer because it mainly manufactures a variety of Apple products such as the iPhone.
  • Fairmont Hotel Concierge Equipped With Google Glass
    At the Fairmont San Francisco, you will find Tom Wolfe, the first Concierge in the U.S. -- and he's the first to be equipped with the Google Glass wearable device. Wolfe registered to become an Explorer, and believes his input can help shape the product. It allows him to search for weather, verify directions and more.
  • Russia Wants Search Engine, Social Network Data To Stay On Russian Soil
    The Russian parliament wants technology services like Google Gmail and Microsoft Skype to store data from Russian users on Russian soil as part of the country's anti-terrorism laws, per CNet. Russian President Vladimir Putin has yet to ratify the law.
  • 7 Cents Per U.S. Adult Hour On Mobile
    This year advertisers will spend just $0.07 per U.S. Adult per hour spent on mobile devices, compared with nearly $1 on print ad, per eMarketer research. U.S. advertisers will only spend 10 cents per U.S. adult per hour on digital media. Despite losing ground, print still leads with $0.83, followed by TV at $0.17; and Radio at $0.13.
  • Bing Searches In School Network Ad Free
    Microsoft is expanding a program giving schools the ability to prevent ads from appearing in search results when they use its Bing search engine within the school's network. The program launched as a pilot program earlier this year. Now it's available to all U.S. schools, public or private, from kindergarten through the 12th grade.
  • Google Supports Samsung In Apple Patent Lawsuit
    Google will pay a share of Samsung's legal fees to help Samsung fight a patent battle against Apple. The Cupertino, Calif. company has sued Samsung for infringing on five patents and argued it should have to pay upward of $2 billion. Ina Fried explains that many of the features Apple is suing over are software features created by Google, but apparently patent law allows companies to sue based on the end products containing infringing code.
  • Google Street View Gets Time-Lapse Photography
    Google has made Street View images taken during the last seven years viewable as part of a new feature allowing users to see how places have changed since Google began photographing street views. The time-lapse feature will appear in a window within Street View, along with a bar users can manually toggle to change years.
  • Nathan Safran Takes Seat On SEMPO Board
    Conductor Director of Research Nathan Safran was appointed to the Board of Directors at SEMPO. He joins a dozen members. Others on the board include Simon Heseltine, senior director of audience development at AOL; Chris Boggs, CMO of Internet Marketing Ninjas; Mike Corak, EVP of strategy at Ethology; Nick Stamoulis, president and founder of Brick Marketing.
  • How Native Ads Complement Local Content
    Advanced Publications' Streetwise augments local news and information with native advertising. The site supports custom index technology that can automatically track news releases. The publishing company uses the technology for sites in Boston, Washington DC, and soon, Chicago. The technology also enables content targeting based on specific audiences. One campaign targeted 20-somethings promoting Bentley Business School, and the value of earning an MBA.
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