• Overused SEO Techniques
    Kristine Schachinger gives us some insight on the most commonly overused site techniques and why they're bad for users, SEO, and conversions. She takes us through techiques such as infininte scrolling pages, sticky navigation tools, auto- play and sliders, keyword tagging and more. Not all of these techniques are bad for all sites, but Schachinger suggests that marketers consider site visitors and the experience they want before implementing the tool. If it becomes an unpleasant experience, they might disappear forever.
  • Do Search Marketers Earn Revenue From Online Maps?
    Hayley Tsukayama wants to know "how much has mapping software changed your life?" While she asks with an eye toward finding one's way from one location to another, maps for search marketers have likely been the key to consumers making purchases in a physical location or simply abandoning the journey along the way. Google is trying to determine the value, she explains, pointing to a post on the engine's official blog, where Brian McClendon writes about UPS saving 5.3 million miles and more than 650,000 gallons of fuel in 2011. How has mapping helped you?
  • Facebook Won't Let Search Innovation Slow
    Facebook won't allow innovation to stop even though execs don't communicate with Google. In a slip of the tongue on a call with investors, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg said "even though our relationship with Google isn't one where the companies really talk, we are able to do a bunch of things because they have an open platform that lets us get fairly deep into the system and build some really great experiences."
  • It Takes More Than An Excellent SEO Strategy
    Tons of leads, lack of sufficient staff, and no revenue led to the downfall of one startup due to its sucess in search engine optimization. As Ken Sundheim describes, it takes more than a great SEO strategy to run a successful business. In fact, if employees don't pay attention to other details it could cause the company to go under. Sundheim had to take down 150 Web site pages to mitigate the incoming lead volume, cutting it in half.
  • Google Flight, Hotel Finder Changing Travel Search
    Research firm eMarketer released a report Wednesday showing how Google's expansion into travel changes the online landscape for marketers through sites like Flight Search and Hotel Finder. Pointing to Experian Hitwise data for January 2013, eMarketer highlights the top 10 travel Web sites among U.S. Internet users ranked by market share of visits in December, suggesting that it has "fundamentally" changed the information that travel consumers see above the fold.
  • Bill Gates' Annual Letter
    Each year Microsoft Founder Bill Gates publishes a letter addressing some of the issues of the world and how to solve them. This year, he focuses on using business tools to "improve the health and the welfare of more of the world's people." The letter, published through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, suggests that the tools driving business could also help humanity. It also provides insight into the progress made during the past 15 years to help the poorest, such as pointing to World Bank estimates that suggest the percentage of people living on less than $1.25 per day …
  • The Next Stage In Search Marketing
    Brad Miller explains how the integration of social, branding, media relations, paid search, and video changes the search engine optimization (SEO) marketing model. The ability to integrate search marketing into other media will improve brand reach and popularity. He tells us that brand recognition provides higher probability of achieving first-page ranking in the organic search engine marketing listings, and takes us through new techniques that every search marketer should know.
  • How Marketing Contributed 1,300% To Revenue
    David Kirkpatrick analyzes a year-long effort by AvidXchange that created a formal testing and optimization program, upgraded the company's technology, and improved the ability of sales and marketing to work more closely together. It turns out that optimizing marketing revenue performance rose from 5% to 70%. Sales qualified leads also rose from 20% to 70%. Kirkpatrick explains how.
  • Search Remains Key Yahoo Investment
    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said in the Q$ 2012 earnings call that search will remain a major investment. She made a point Monday to talk about personalized search, and how the company reported the highest quarterly search revenue exTAC revenue since Q3 2010, which was prior to sharing 12% of the search revenue with Microsoft through the alliance. She explained how search revenue drove much of the Q4 growth, but was offset by lower display revenue. "For a long time, we believed search wasn't a moneymaker, which is almost absurd now looking back," she explains.
  • Inbound Marketing Mobile TIps
    There are millions of consumers looking for information on their mobile devices. Robi Ganguly shares three effective inbound marketing tips that app marketers can use to begin calling attention to their products. He takes us through social stategies, tips on telling stories, and getting closer to consumers by courting audiences.
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