• Forcing Google To Recrawl A Website
    Luke Richards put together a post to help marketers prompt Google into recrawling a website much quicker than normal. In certain circumstances such as launching updating a page on an existing website or after altering many pages and/or the structure of your site. He believes it make sense to give Google a little assistance in indexing new content. He provides a list of tools and steps through the process.
  • How Google Local Algorithm Works
    A recent study by RankRanger analyzes the distance and the clustering pattern in Google’s local algorithm that Mordy Oberstein believes is consistent regardless of where the user is located. He tested it on desktop or mobile, analyzing Local Pack listing pattern and explaining the implications.  
  • 36% Of CMOs Say They Outsource Advertising Functions
    Not surprisingly, in a survey of 120 CMOs, 43% of respondents said they outsource their programmatic efforts, according to eMarketer, which cites stats from by marketing consultancy NewBase. No other marketing responsibility has an outsource rate that high, per the post. Surprisingly, only 13% of respondents outsource data and analytics, and only 6% outsource their content marketing strategies. On the high side, 36% said they outsource advertising, but it's not clear whether that means paid search or display or video.
  • Google Testing 'More Results' Button in Search
    Google is testing a "more results" search option button on its engine, a Google representative confirmed on Twitter during the weekend. The feature eliminates the need to see results on a new page or add them in a long list to the current page. When those searching for information tap to "show more," the results load up beneath the content that initially served up. 
  • Google Equipping More School Buses With WiFi
    Google recently announced it is equipping more rural school buses with WiFi access to help students with long commutes and no internet get their homework done. But the company has been running this program for months, testing it with a variety of schools, such as the Hudson Falls school district. The district installed 23 mobile SmartSpot devices from Kajeet to give students 4G access through Verizon, along with three wireless routers on school buses.
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