• How To Favorite Twitter Accounts
    Twitter's latest tweak to its platform allows users to favorite accounts, not just tweets. Users can find the feature in the most recent version of its Android App. Favorite an account will send the user push notifications when the brand or person tweets, according to Ellis Hamburger.
  • Meet Google Robotics Engineer James Kuff
    Have you heard of James Kuff? He's a Google robotics researcher. Will Knight caught up with him at a racetrack in Florida. The short and sweet one-on-one interview doesn't reveal any top secret stuff, but it does provide insight into why Google made the move to acquire companies building robots and what it might do with the results.
  • 42% Of Adults Use Multiple Social Networks
    It continues to become more important for search marketers to pay more attention to social campaigns and strategies. After all, some 73% of adults who go online use a social network site of some kind or another, per a report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Facebook dominates, but 42% of adults use multiple social network sites. The report suggests Instagram users are nearly as likely as those on Facebook to check in to the site daily.
  • Twitter Stock Slide Continues
    Twitter shares once again dropped, falling 5.46% from Friday's closing price of $63.75. The last TechCrunch update put the stock at a decline of 7.22%, to $59.15. Marketers remain enamored with search improvements and advertising targeting technology, but analysts have a different view. Last week Macquarie analyst Ben Schachter downgraded Twitter, and on Monday Global Equities Research Analyst Trip Chowdhry initiated coverage with a price target of $60 per share.
  • Eric Schmidt's 2014 Predictions
    Eric Schmidt believes data and machine intelligence will forge major innovations, and that DNA sequencing could help with cancer treatments and diagnostics in 2014. It make us for his blanket statement that in 2014 "everyone" will have a smartphone, per Daily Tech. If attributed correctly, it makes me wonder in what world this would happen. What about the elderly who do not want to use the technology -- or those who cannot afford to pay $200 to $500 for a smartphone?
  • Google, Audi Partnership To Power Entertainment
    Google is reportedly partnering with Audi to support the car manufacturer's entertainment systems based on the Android operating system, Cnet cites The Wall Street Journal. It will include access to music, navigation and apps. The two will announce the partnership next week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
  • An NSA Year In Review
    Rachael King provides a rundown of the 2013 events surrounding National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden and agency secrets, highlighting the news that impacted the tech industry the most. She begins on June 5 and runs through December. King also highlights plans by governments in Brazil, India and other countries to force residents to use their respective country's email services, rather than Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Former Google Interns Shed Light From The Inside Out
    Google interns have shared their experiences on Quora, discussing everything from paychecks to the internal structure of the search company. They also talk about the average wage of $6,700 per month, free food and refreshments, free gym membership, laundry, dancing lessons, and more.
  • BI Social Media Insider Goes Behind Firewall
    Anyone wanting to read "The Social Media Insights" morning email after Jan. 2, 2014, will need to subscribe and pay for the content. A note on the Business Insider Website reads: "It will be delivered exclusively to subscribers of 'Business Insider Intelligence.' Non-subscribers will receive a shorter afternoon version." The note appears at the top of an article on Facebook vs. Twitter.
  • Site Navigation Tips To Improve SEO
    John Rampton talks with Benj Arriola to discuss how site navigation structure impacts SEO. He tells us about several key issues. One points to two specific types of SEO problems as a result of the site navigation structure. The first points to the content of the site not being seen by search engines, and the second points to the entire site, all its content, seen by search engines as being on one page. Other issues he explains relates to sites that use tabbed navigation or parallax scrolling. This dilutes the keyword focus of the site since all of the content is seen …
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