• Brin Back At Google Office, Working On Gemini
    Google co-founder Sergey Brin is back at Google's office working with members of the artificial intelligence team on one specific project, Gemini, The Wall Street Journal reports. He said Google is positioning this project as critical to the growth of AI across the company. 
  • AI Making Google Less Green
    A decline in renewable energy use and increase in water consumption is making it more difficult for Google to achieve net zero emissions, Google SVP of learning and sustainability Ben Gomes said. All this despite AI become Google's backbone. Not just Google, but many other companies like Microsoft, and Meta.
  • Canadian News Starts To Vanish From Instagram, With Google Disappearing Next
    Brodie Fenlon got a personal preview of what a future without Canadian news on social media and search engines looks like after pulling up CBC News on Instagram.
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