• Google Reportedly Will Challenge India's Antitrust Crackdown
    Google is preparing a legal fight based on $275 million in fines by Indian regulators for antitrust violations last week that Google claims would change its approach to its Android operating system. In question are the company's policies for charging in-app commissions, and abusing its position in the market for Android operating system. The legal challenge would block a ruling by India's antitrust watchdog to change Google's approach to the Android operating system. Sources told Reuters Google is concerned the requested changes will restrict how it promotes the platform.
  • eBay Launches Quick Setup Feature For Ads
    eBay launched a Quick Setup feature for its CPC ads. There's a twist. Promoted Listings Advanced Beta charges sellers when a buyer clicks on their ad, regardless of whether the buyer make a purchase, unlike when sellers pay a fee only when an ad results in a sale.
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