• Neeva To Launch ChatGPT-Like AI Feature
    The ad-free search engine Neeva will release an update that lets it respond to questions with conversational text. Free Think likened it to the popular ChatCPT, but with citations and real-time data.
  • AimClear Interviewed ChatGPT About Marketing, Innovation- - Here's What It Said
    aimClear interviewed ChatGPT, asking questions about marketing, innovation and more. Founder Marty Weintraub said the responses were fascinating, reassuring, creepy, and empowering.
  • Google's Visual Guide To Search Elements Launches
    Google’s Visual Elements Gallery announced Tuesday highlights the most common features in a search results page, and makes it easier for the engine to identify the exact search element the person needs help with to get more relevant answers. It contains 22 visual elements that are most likely to appear on search result pages, and is relevant to site owners and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals.
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