• Google's Road To 20 Years
    Twenty years. Do you believe it? Google turned 20 this month and the company's celebrating its birth date today. The years have been filled with accomplishments, but also failures. Engadget looks at a few of them, from Google Reader to Inbox.
  • Amazon Loyalty Scores Giving Company A Boost
    Amazon scored higher than both regional and national banks on consumer loyalty, coming in second behind the USAA, according to a new study released from Bain & Co. The poll analyzed responses from more than 6,000 Americans and found that overall Amazon customers are valuable, controlling 75% of U.S. household wealth, and account for about 75% of the wealthiest households’ assets. Loyalty could become the key to Amazon's advertising business, too.
  • Reducing CPA In Google Ads
    Taping into location and boosting the quality score of the site are two ways to lower the cost per acquisition per campaign when working with Google Ads. While location and quality are two ways, Chandal Nolasco da Silva walks through another three. One of the more interesting ways, she writes about using Google's "if" function in Google Ads. For example, only show my mobile ad when the user uses a mobile device.
  • Hootsuite Integrates With Google Ads
    Hootsuite, the social media company, announced Tuesday the integration of Google Ads into its platform, allowing marketers to see social and search campaigns from one platform. This integration presents a new offering for Hootsuite customers the company calls AdEspresso.
  • Leaked Google Video Shows Political Bias Against Conservatives
    An hour-long leaked video that captured Google executives moaning about Trump winning the election at a weekly meeting streamed to employees because they believed the President's values stood in contrast to some of the company's. A Google spokesperson told CNN that the sentiment were the execs one personal views.
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