• Google Glass Tag To Read 'Made In The U.S.A.'
    What will it take to bring electronics manufacturing back into the U.S.? Maybe another electronics giant like Google following in the footsteps of Apple. It may mean nothing to marketers, but consumer electronics manufacturer Foxconn will manufacture Google Glass in California rather than China, according to reports. It's the latest attempt by electronics companies to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. after years of outsourcing to China, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
  • Bing Gains Klout
    Bing added integration with Klout, which also added a link to Instagram. Users can connect their Klout account to Bing, eventually factoring in their Klout Score. Klout's connection with Instagram will roll out in phases focusing on the visual rather than keywords. It's another example of how search integrates social signals into the content it serves.
  • How Long Can You Go Without Looking At Your Mobile Phone Screen?
    Half the total U.S. population uses a smartphone. Owners ages 18 to 44 spend more than two hours daily communicating on their devices, according to a new IDC Research report. The report suggests that 80% of owners check their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up. Facebook ranks the top three activities, with 70% of survey respondents using the social network -- and among these, 61% use it daily.
  • Ericsson Wants Microsoft's IPTV MediaRoom Biz
    Ericsson wants Microsoft's Internet television business, according to Bloomberg. Reports suggest the mobile company is in talks to acquire the IPTV business, MediaRoom, that makes software used by AT&T and other phone companies to deliver television over the Internet. Pyramid Research analysts estimate there are more than 100 million people getting IPTV services from phone companies this year, up from 46 million in 2010.
  • How CRM Supports Customer Life Cycle
    Many brands have begun to look at customers as having a life cycle, similar to products and services, taking into consideration marketing, sales, support and finance. David Kirkpatrick offers up some insights into this CRM strategy. It's important to think about the process levels, such as improvements, feedback from customers, and data required to manage the support. Read the article here.
  • SEO: The Hidden Treasures In Server Logs
    Tim Resnik draws a parallel to the practices by marketers and developers who often commit what he calls a "SEO foul" when building a site or creating content, but implicitly deny any wrongdoing. The tools available are great, but there are undoubtedly holes in the data they collect, he tells us. So look toward the server log for details. It will provide a record of every action performed by a specific server. He takes us through the steps and tells marketers what to look for. Read the article here.
  • How Company Folders Redesigned Web Site, Forms Drove Up Conversions
    The design of a Web site can impact conversion to sale. Company Folders knows. A redesign of its Web site and revamp of its online quote form led it to experience a 67.68% increase in total quotes. David Kirkpatrick tells us how the company increased total quotes by 13.96% and Web site visitors requesting quotes by 12.98%. He also explains the higher increases in quotes by redesigning the forms. Read the article here.
  • Fast Cars And 1 Million YouTube Motor Channel Subscribers
    The Motor Trend YouTube Channel recently added its one millionth subscriber, proving that high-quality video content works to attract an audience. The channel has experienced more than 600% growth since switching to episodic programming in February 2012, as part of YouTube's original channels initiative. The channel regularly attracts nearly 4 million views and 30,000 new subscribers each week, according to the company.
  • LinkedIn Improves Social Search
    LinkedIn on Monday got smarter with search features ranging from auto-complete and suggested searches to query intent algorithm and automated alerts. The social site said it unified the search experience to integrate the search for people, companies, and jobs in one search. Type the keyword query in the search box that pulls content from all across the site. Read about it here.
  • Google's Opt-Out Tool
    Google has introduced an opt-out tool for vertical search services that allows Web sites to opt out of having content that Google has crawled appear on Google Shopping, Advisor, Flights, Hotels, and Google+ Local search. The move keeps a promise the engine made in January after Google officials reached a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, prompting the action after competitors complained. Read the article here.
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