• Bing Ads In-Market Audiences Rolls Out In U.S.
    Microsoft began rolling out Bing Ads In-market Audiences on Tuesday to brands in the United States. The company also shared data from pilot programs with several brands using In-market Audiences, which it defines as a list of people ready to make a purchase of what the brand sells. Bing says brands piloting the technology have seen up to 28% higher click-through rates and up to 48% higher conversion rates.
  • Google Maps Tests Category Search Suggestions
    Google is testing a new Google Maps interface for Android that serves up suggestions for search categories based on the locations that show up on the smartphone's screen, according to Android Police. Categories include cafes, gas stations, and restaurants. The example provided is from Munich, so it's not clear whether this feature is only in Europe. 
  • Google Forcing 'Tectonic Shifts' In Search
    After waking up to an earthquake on Tuesday morning in Southern California, Steve Gibson tells us what shook him shortly after while watching the Google I/O live stream. There are a few things he couldn't shrug off, namely the impact Google Assistant will have on the search industry. He shares thoughts on what happens to a typical paid search campaign when the return on the query is no longer a list of textual paid and organic results, and how visual search changes the way people use cameras. 
  • Google Introduces New TLD For Apps
    Google created a new top level domain name for application developers. On Tuesday the company introduced .app, the newest TLD from the Google Registry. Google cites security as a key benefit for the new app domain. It can help to protect against ad malware and tracking injection by ISPs, in addition to safeguarding against spying on open WiFi networks. 
  • Google My Business Adds Agency Dashboard, API
    Anita Yuen from the Google My Business team on Tuesday announced new features focusing on the small and medium-size agencies. The announcement made at the LSA 18 Conference in Chicago focuses on three key investments, according to Mike Blumenthal. Those include messaging API, improved search APIs across location, and something he calls department hierarchies. The new agency dashboard will become available in two to three weeks. It includes one account for all locations, user groups for teams, and a reputation management feature within the dashboard.
  • Google Assistant Adds App Reviews
    Google now allows users to post reviews on the Assistant app to help others determine the usefulness of the platform. For now, according to Android Police, users can only view or leave reviews using an Android device. There is no way to see the one that is rated most helpful or search and reorder them. It has been possible to rate Assistant actions and services in the past, but reviewing them was not an option.
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