• The Best Hours, Days For Search Marketing, Online Sales
    John Gagnon breaks down the 24 hours in the top two shopping days of last year - -Cyber Monday and Black Friday -- to determine the best hours to convert consumers. Bing Ad researchers dug into the data from the holiday shopping period in 2013  to help advertisers more accurately target their paid-search ads for this year. Online activity on Cyber Monday, traditionally a work day for many, starts as early as 12:01 a.m. and remains strong through 3 p.m. EST -- around lunchtime for those on the West Coast.
  • How Many Is Too Many Keywords Per Campaign?
    There's a difference in opinion among marketers when it comes to the number of keywords in each paid-search campaign. Billy McCaffrey tells us that when it comes to ad groups, most will say between 20 and 25 keywords, and definitely no more than 30 per ad group. He tells us that although the amount may differ, it's more important to remember that the keywords in each ad group should remain closely related. Here are three rules of thumb to follow.
  • Content Needs Music, YouTube Subscription Service Update On Way
    Google is planning to revamp its streaming music service in the next few weeks -- which many had expected by end of summer 2014 -- per Reuters, citing "a person familiar with the plans." The service will compete with rivals like Amazon, Apple, Spotify, and other streaming media services. While the U.S. music market is worth $7 billion, royalty and marketing expenditures cost money for most streaming music businesses, according to Reuters, citing estimates from Brian Zisk, executive producer of the SF MusicTech Summit.
  • Former Google Shuttle Driver Tells All
    Brandon Barlow -- a former driver for WeDriveU, which contracted bus services for Google between San Francisco and Mountain View -- told SFGate that the conditions were harsh for the low pay and extreme hours required to work. The drivers are contracted through a third-party service. Barlow was fired in August after a bomb threat on the subway system, BART, prevented him from getting home until midnight. California law requires commercial drivers to receive an adequate amount of sleep, so he called his employer the next morning to say he couldn't make the morning shift for lack of sleep. Google …
  • Google Panda Update: Good News For Lower-Quality Content?
    The latest Google Panda update should include some new signals that could help identify low-quality content. Bill Slawski points to a patent application demonstrating a quality scoring approach for content based on phrases. He tells us that from the patent it could mean the new update could be good news for some sites that were impacted by Panda in the past.
  • 37.5 Million Brand Advocates Among Us
    A study released Monday from Needle estimates the number of U.S. adults fitting the description of brand advocate at 37.5 million. How many love your brand? Misconceptions on what makes a brand advocate prompted the company to create a solid definition. The study attempts to clearly define the potential and power of advocates, who are they and what motivates them. Genuine brand advocates are passionate about the brands, the products, and giving advice about their services. One thing to remember -- a brand advocate puts their reputation on the line with friends, family and others who read any online posts …
  • How Google's Eric Schmidt Defines 'Smart Creatives' In His New Book
    Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Google Director of Communications Alan Eagle, and Google Executive Jonathan Rosenberg have released a book detailing several practices for setting strategies, hiring, motivating, and directing employees. The critical ingredient is to build teams, companies and corporate cultures around people the three call smart creatives, "impatient, outspoken risk-takers who are easily bored and change jobs frequently." They believe smart creatives are the key to digital-age speed, strategy and product success.
  • Google Glass Drivers Still Slow To Respond To Traffic Incidents
    The University of Central Florida in partnership with the Air Force Research Laboratory compared how 40 twenty-something-year-old drivers in a car simulator react to traffic conditions while wearing Google Glass or a smartphone. The study found that drivers exchanging messages using Google Glass were just as slow to react to driving conditions as those on a smartphone. The article links to the peer review study.
  • Loyalty, How to Identify A New Customer
    Rand Fishkin provides a few tips about loyalty, and explains why some consumers who are thought to be new customers often leave, rather than stick around. The video highlights conversion rate optimization mistakes, how to measure the customer journey instead of just the conversion path, and ways to educate before converting customers to find ways to filter out consumers who won't convert.
  • Google's VP For YouTube Content Leaves
    Tom Pickett, Google's vice president for YouTube content, will leave to take the chief executive post at an unnamed company. Pickett was responsible for policy and other initiatives, including YouTube Space LA  -- which provides studio space to content creators to produce videos for the site -- as well as others around the world. He also oversaw the teams that managed YouTube's relationships with top content networks like Maker Studios and Fullscreen.
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